July 23, 2020


Krion™ establishes itself in the airport sector thanks to the high degree of health and safety it offers


This compact mineral is resistant to high footfall, chemical agents and impact, and its joint-free design prevents bacteria from accumulating on the surface.

Airports resume their operations with new health and sanitation protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and guarantee the safety of passengers and employees.

In view of this new scenario, the development and implementation of aseptic, resistant and safe materials is essential for complying with health standards and improving the hygiene of the airport environment. This is the case at the airports in Frankfurt, Rome and Pulkovo (Russia), which have adapted their services and facilities to the new COVID-19 prevention measures with the compact mineral Krion™ as the main material.

Krion®, the best ally in the fight against COVID-19

Made up of two-thirds natural minerals (ATH: Alumina trihydrate) and a small percentage of resins, Krion™ is a mineral compound from PORCELANOSA Group that adapts to the surfaces of each project, increasing the safety of spaces due to its high resistance to chemical agents and impact.

Pulkovo Airport (St Petersburg, Russia)
Pulkovo Airport (St Petersburg, Russia) with Krion
Pulkovo Airport (St Petersburg, Russia)

As it has no joints and zero porosity, the material avoids creating shelters for pathogens on the surface and allows for more effective cleaning of each piece. This in turn enhances the level of hygiene of each space, especially in areas where larger concentrations of people can occur: Counters, control areas or bathrooms. “Krion™ is an aseptic and multi-purpose material that helps to build safer and healthier environments for people. Furthermore, its joint-free surface allows for the creation of continuous designs without limits”, the company highlights.

Images: Rome Airport

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