August 20, 2019 | Updated: November 22, 2019


Adjoined patio areas: interiors connected with the exterior

Porcelanosa offers three ceramic floorings which can be installed in interiors and exteriors, therefore creating an adjoined patio area with the interior. 

Living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms that blend in with the terrace which, not only enhance the space but the brightness as well.  

While traditional residential architecture tends to separate interior spaces to maintain privacy, as well as differentiating the use for each room, adjoined patio areas are quite the opposite. We are dealing with exterior spaces which are formally and visually connected with the interior spaces in the house, such as the living room, the kitchen and the bedroom. This is how the traditional separation is broken, resulting in the creation of spaces with aesthetic functional continuity.

Among its advantages, we see more light coming in during the whole of the year and the corresponding energy saving, but the projection of these types of terraces requires the right selection and installation of transition elements which meet technical and aesthetic requirements. Large-sized sliding or folding glazed enclosures, which have been chosen for a proper thermal and sound insulation, are architectural elements which open the terrace up, as well as offering a panoramic view of the exterior, therefore bringing the interiors and the open spaces together.

One of the formal resources which enhances the continuity and makes the integration of the patio area easier, is the use of a flooring which reaches the exterior.

We offer three ceramic floor tiles in the HIGHKERTMlarge format. The larger size of the HIGHKERTM pieces enhance the continuity effect of the installation. Its design reproduces the beauty of natural materials such as stone and wood, making the most of the technical features of the resistant ceramic in interiors and exteriors alike. Resistance, durability and easy cleaning, together with the safety aspect of Nanoker anti-slip technology. An excellent solution for integration which provides additional possibilities in interior architecture.

Make way for the adjoined patio design.

Bottega Series: sleep under the stars

With an elegant shade variation from the natural tone of the cement, the Bottega collection from Porcelanosa stands out because of its relaxing elegance.

Its design, consisting of small pieces of glass in its finish, creates original reflections which enhance the brightness and tactility of each piece.

Floor tile: HIGHKER Bottega Caliza 120cm x120cm from Porcelanosa. Rectified porcelain tiles in a cement-effect matt finish.  

The Berna Series: enhancing brightness in the house

Continuity requires, in addition to architectural elements, an integrated decor which complements both interior and exterior aesthetic in materials, furniture, decor pieces and combined textiles and others which are similar.

Berna emulates the allure of the natural stone. In its Acero finish, it reproduces greyish stone tones, allowing for more light to come in which enhances the habitability in an adjoined patio area.

Floor tile: HIGHKER Berna Acero 120cm x120cm from Porcelanosa. Rectified porcelain tiles in a stone-effect matt finish.

The Orleans Series: living rooms that blend in with the garden

In rooms that are adjoined to a patio, a good garden design can help to maintain privacy by means of vines or trees. As well as that, visually bringing contrasting spaces such as the garden and the living room together though glazed enclosures, enhances comfort and cosiness in the home. This is nature inspiring human comfort.

The Orleans series truly reproduces the wood graining through a finish which naturally blends in with the exterior. In light colours like maple, the brightness effect is enhanced, resulting in the creation of spaces with no separation or difference.

Floor tile: Orleans Arce 19.3cm x 120cm from Porcelanosa. Rectified anti-slip ceramic parquet in a wood-effect texturised matt finish. 

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