November 2, 2022 | Updated: June 8, 2023


PORCELANOSA champions industrialised construction with the opening of a new production plant

The robotic automation of the manufacturing process will increase the annual production capacity of the PORCELANOSA Offsite range

This November, the PORCELANOSA Group engineering firm Butech will inaugurate a production centre for the manufacture of industrialised bathrooms (Monobath) and modular façades (Modfaçade); two systems which belong to the PORCELANOSA Offsite line.

The new production line, with an area of 10,000 square metres and the possibility to expand by a further 6,000 square metres, uses the latest technology to manufacture Monobath modules and Modfaçade panels.

With an annual production capacity of over 7,000 units, the new facility will be the most modern and most highly-automated industrialised construction plant in Spain.

The new production centre is located within the PORCELANOSA Group industrial area in Vila-real, Spain. The various brands that make up this international company are concentrated within a five-kilometre radius, facilitating the provision of products to the new plant, ensuring supply and therefore compliance with delivery deadlines.

Robotic arms are incorporated into the assembly lines that are characterised by their high precision, and they handle materials and assemble in a way that allows for greater performance and productivity, while automating and streamlining the entire production process.

The advantages of this new production centre include: greater capacity and production speed, higher finish quality, optimisation of resources, reduced waste production, and improved management of production waste.


Responding to the needs of the construction industry, the company created the PORCELANOSA Offsite line in 2019. This is a range of finished construction systems which are ready for installation in kitchens, bathrooms and façades. Reducing the environmental footprint, shorter delivery times and improved efficiency are the core principles of this new line of modular construction elements.

The demand for modular elements has grown strongly in recent years, due to various factors, including a lack of qualified labour, the need to reduce delivery times, and the demand for alternatives that work to minimise environmental impact.

Using fast and effective commissioning, the industrialised modules are introduced and taken to the final site. The only requirements are a lifting system and a gap in the curtain wall through which the industrialised element can pass to its final location.

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