PORCELANOSA Grupo strengthens its ties with Russia

The company has opened two new stores in Magnitogorsk and Kazán to showcase its new ceramic collections, along with its bathroom and kitchen equipment.

Both exhibition spaces cover some 300m2 and they will act as inspiration to interior designers, architects and real estate professionals.

PORCELANOSA Grupo has opened two new stores in Russia, therefore strengthening its business relationship with this country. With an area of 300m2 and several different atmospheres, the new showroom in Magnitogorsk brings the most important collections from the eight companies from the Group together. The ceramic floor and wall tiles, the large-format porcelain, the bathrooms and technological kitchens and the new decorative profiles are just some of the standout designs in this showroom.


The opening, which took place last Tuesday, was attended by the most important designers and architects in the city. Víctor Mora, who is the head of development in the area, was the representative of the company, together with Karpov Konstantin Yuryevich, who is the director of ‘Happiness Home’ and Karpova Larisa Sergeevna, who is the managing director of the showroom.

The other new company showroom is in Kazán. Opened last Wednesday, the store has an area of 350m2, and it will be a source of inspiration for interior designers, architects and property developers. In relation to the opening ceremony, that was attended by Ilgiz Nurishánov, Valeriy Ivánovich Romankov, the director of Art Decorium and the architect and TV star, Marat Ka.


Cosy terraces with the raised access flooring from Butech

This system allows for the ceramic pieces to be installed on plots made of a plastic material, and furthermore, it regulates the height and the level of the floor.

Rainwater filters through the joints, with the whole water drainage system nicely hidden away.

Thought up to bring the design of the rooms together and to streamline the structures, the raised access flooring for exteriors from Butech can be applied to all the materials from PORCELANOSA Grupo. Specifically, in those ceramic collections inspired by stone (STON-KERTM) or wood (STARWOODTM) which provide high resistance for terraces and other outdoor spaces.


This system has a number of determinants like the inclination of support for water drainage. In this way, the ceramic is installed on regulable plastic plots which results in floors being created which are completely flat.

Unified rooms with the same design

Raised access flooring for exteriors can be designed in the same way as those for interiors, since the pieces adapt to the support gradient without any need of being cut. This mechanism makes it possible for the pieces to be installed on the same level as the rest of the flooring, therefore extending the space capacity.

In this way, the outdoor furniture is supported on the ground and it complements the indoor flooring. Furthermore, rainwater filters through the joints, with the whole water drainage system hidden away, making the ceramic material maintenance easier compared to that of wooden strips.

The perfect solution for terraces and outdoor spaces.


PORCELANOSA Grupo Projects: This clinic in Canada turns the design from PORCELANOSA Grupo into a cure and an antidote

The One Heart Medical Centre has incorporated collections from Porcelanosa, Venis, Noken, Urbatek and Krion into its rooms in order to enhance patient well-being.

Marble inspires most of the areas, providing them with great harmony.

Peace of mind and well-being for the patients have been the key principles which the One Heart Medical Centre has wanted to project in this space.

The design of this clinic in Ontario (Canada) achieves therapeutic features with the collections from PORCELANOSA Grupo. Among the materials carefully selected by the C&PARTNERS Architects studio, it is worth highlighting the ceramic collections from Porcelanosa and Venis; the bathrooms and devices from Noken; the large porcelain by Urbatek and the KrionTM mineral compact.


Each of these products complement the medical services in the centre. Innovation, high technical and hygienic performance, along with the durability of the collections from PORCELANOSA GRUPO which have allowed healthcare for patients to be improved.

Calmness through ceramics, marble and wood

The balance and purity of marble inspire most of the medical rooms. Based on its elements and colour nuances, the Carrara Blanco collection from Porcelanosa and the XLight Kala White Polished and XLight Lush White Nature from Urbatek accurately emulate the veining and textures of this stone. The technical properties of ceramics and the zero porosity not only make spaces brighter, but they also make the patients feel calm and at ease. It is a result of the pure white which leads the way in its pieces.

This colour calmness also defines the pieces from Rodano in a limestone finish (Porcelanosa) or those from Madagascar (Venis) in a white finish. The earth and beige colours of these materials provide the atmosphere with greater warmth, remaining there for hours on end.


Wood has a strong presence in this clinic, too. The XLight Wild Grey collection from Urbatek reproduces the rings, the branches and the irregular shapes of age-old trees. In line with the Ice Minnesota ceramic wood from Starwood, whose Moka tone strengthens the origin roots of trees, such as beech and oak.

A sanitary and hygienic Solid Surface

The KrionTM mineral compact has been used in the basins, the B210 countertop and the reception counter. With high hygienic properties and a zero porosity, this Solid Surface is being increasingly used in the area of healthcare because of its additive-free anti-bacterial composition. Aseptic and with easy-to-clean properties, KrionTM avoids waste and microorganism build-up which may cause health problems for patients.

A number of benefits which are shared by Noken in a certain way, whose products hold strict quality certificates and, which come with an innovative technology which respects these kinds of environments.

And design became the best therapy.


Bright interiors inspired by marble

Porcelanosa presents the Royal and Verona ceramic collections, whose polished finishes and technical features provide greater spaciousness to the spaces.

White and beige tones in its pieces renovate the traditional aesthetics of living rooms and bathrooms.

Porcelanosa goes all the way back to the beginnings of the western world in its two new ceramic collections, namely: Royal and Verona. The former conveys the freshness and the strength of the Mediterranean sea to all its 58.6cm x 118.7cm pieces.

Inspired by marble from Ibiza, this collection increases both the brightness and the spaciousness, and it can be used as flooring and wall tiles. Its polished finish and consistency gives bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens a more sculptural touch, where the leading colour is none other than white. The beach among ceramic floor tiles.


The Sand from Verona at home

The Verona collection reminds us of those Roman amphitheatres which were made in the image of the great emperors. With a 58.6cm x 118.7cm format, this collection combines classicism and modernity in each of its lines, therefore protecting the Ancient Empire legacy. A historical review through interior design.


PORCELANOSA Grupo opens a 1400m² showroom in Rabat

The new showroom is in Hassan II Avenue in the city, and it will house the latest floor tile and wall tile collections.

More than 300 guests attended the inauguration, including Ricardo Díez-Hochleitner, the Spanish Ambassador in Morocco and Silvestre Segarra, the Executive Vice President of Porcelanosa.

PORCELANOSA Grupo reinforces its presence in Morocco with a new 1.400 m² showroom. The showroom opening in Hassan II Avenue in Rabat saw some 300 guests checking out the latest ceramic collections from the company. The event, which was held on April 10, was attended by the Spanish ambassador in Morocco, Ricardo Díez-Hochleitner, and the Executive Vice President of Porcelanosa, Silvestre Segarra.

This new establishment will serve as inspiration to interior designers, architects and builders through its different atmospheres. In them, the latest floor tile and wall tile models are combined with the latest innovations for the bathroom, the kitchen and the latest advances in building solutions and adhesives.

The influence which PORCELANOSA Grupo has in this country is still growing. This was revealed by several representatives from the company, who announced two new openings in Casablanca and Marrakech.

AURA Gold from XLight, a new outlook for marble

This collection from Urbatek presents subtle veining that ranges from grey tones to gold tones.

The formats are: 120cm x 250cm for wall tiles and 120cm x 120cm for floor tiles.

The Aura Gold collection by Urbatek reformulates the composition of marble through its grey and gold veining. With a 120cm x 250cm size for wall tiles and 120cm x 120cm for floor tiles, this series is part of the XLight Premium brand which is from the company.


Chic indoor areas with grey and gold

Its large size structure draws continuous lines which highlight its two finishes, namely: Silk and Polished. This large-format porcelain tile is characterised by its thin thickness and a rich range of white which enhances the brightness of the spaces.

The XLight Premium series by Urbatek is made of natural porcelain tile minerals which provides it with greater resistance to the areas in which it is used.


Delta, a pop style apartment in L’Eixample, Barcelona

The Noé Prades studio has refurbished this modernist home with the White & Colors collections from Porcelanosa and the Unique Series basin from Krion.

Pastel colours, rattan and cane furniture, and marble define the vintage interior design in the rooms.

Among the modernist buildings in L’Eixample, Barcelona, lies this charming vintage studio, which is the work of the Noé Prades interior design studio. With two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room and two balconies; the Delta home mixes pastel and gold colours with pieces of marble, wood and rattan furniture.

A natural haven full of greens and blues

The Malaga Grey collection from the White & Colors series by Porcelanosa enhances the brightness of the bathrooms. The grey tonality of its pieces intermingles with vegetal paper, wood and cannage. A natural place where the Krion Unique Series basins have their place as well. This series made with the KrionTM mineral compact is made up of basins, shower trays and bathtubs. Its pieces adapt to the different rooms due to the thermocurving, its high resistance to fire, its low weight and its unnoticeable joints.


The pastel and earth colours define the main room in this home, which is made up of three areas: the dining room, the library and the living room. The marble tables, the cane lamps and the velvet chairs combine the cutting-edge shapes with the most rustic aesthetic.

Elegance in small detail.


Photographer: Sandra Rojo

Namibia is the latest series from Starwood which is inspired by the American walnut tree

Its 22 patterns and the Ambar and Nature shade variation finishes enhance the circular veining of this collection.

The Outdoor technology makes it possible to have its pieces installed in outdoor areas without any change in the colour.

The latest collection from Starwood, Walnut Namibia, now finds itself in the eastern part of the United States. The roots of the American walnut tree are present in the 22 patterns which make up this ceramic wood.

Its two shade variation tones, namely: Ambar and Nature; are available in several formats: 25cm x 150cm, 16.5cm x 150cm, 22cm x 90cm and 14.3cm x 90cm. The distinguishable layers and rings enhance the circular shape of the veining.


With regard to the Ambar series, the versatility in this collection lies in its pattern, where up to three different tones can be created with the same depth which, can be seen in natural wood.

Highly resistant in the outdoors

The lines and colours in this collection remain unaffected thanks to its Outdoor technology, which makes its installation easier as an outdoor covering and flooring.

A trip around American forests.

Spring-like spaces with materials from PORCELANOSA Grupo

Natural stone, ceramic wood, white Krion and green or blue mosaics are just some of the designs presented by the eight companies from the group for indoor and outdoor areas.

Fine materials and signature designs will set the trends in bathrooms and kitchens.

With the arrival of spring, indoor areas look for more light, whereas outdoor areas look for more space and harmony. A seasonal change where bright colours and light materials define the main trends in interior design. This is the case with PORCELANOSA Group‘s collections, which include: ceramic wood, mosaics inspired by watercolours, wall tiles with natural motifs; along with minimalist furniture for kitchens and bathrooms.

Stylish terraces with natural stone and ceramic wood

The Prada Caliza and Mombasa Caliza collections from Porcelanosa and the Metropolitan Nature collection by Venis came from solid and rough stone. These are extensive pieces which provide greater with to the space through their textures and chromatic combinations.

Natural limestone predominates in the Amsterdam collection by L’Antic Colonial, whose beige and grey tones offer greater lightness to the space. Another design from the company is the Mozarabic style ceramic for indoor areas. This is the case with the Nazari series whose white, pink, brown and blue tones bring more freshness to bathrooms and kitchens alike.

The greens, blues, mustards and intense greys also define the White & Colors wall tiles from the Porcelanosa collection. Its three series: Sevilla, Malaga and Ronda; all bank on greens, pinks and intense greys for the indoor rooms.

For the terraces and the pools, Urbatek designs Krono and Deep. These collections are characterised by their earthy colours and their high durability. Qualities to which the Anti-slip technology should be added. This increases the resistance to high temperatures, impacts and rainfall.

Urbatek-Deep-Light-Grey-Antislip-59,6-cm-x-59,6-cm-Urbatek-Porcelanosa-1For these types of spaces, Butech has implemented outdoor raised floors on plots and waterproofing systems like Sylastic, which guarantees the perfect placement of PORCELANOSA Grupo materials. This product provides great adherence and complete waterproofing for the wall tiles.


Ceramic wood is another must for this season. This is the case with the Starwood series, which has greater resistance and warmth through its 26 tonalities.

The Barcelona collection by Porcelanosa brings more freshness to rooms, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Its hydraulic tiles reproduce the floral and geometric motifs typical of those nineteenth-century palatial buildings.

Harmonic and functional kitchens

The Wabi E9.30 XLIGHT Bottega Caliza Silk by Gamadecor mixes harmony and functionality in all its areas. Following the Wabi-Sabi philosophy, the elegance of this kitchen lies in the XLIGHT Bottega Caliza Silk porcelain tile, present on its fronts and its worktops.


Krion presents four vibrant tones for this season: Candy, Fall Green, Imperial Yellow and Fruit. Its thermocurvable capacity allows it to be installed in many areas.

For the bathrooms, Noken opts for simple and dynamic shapes with the Tono collection and the Hotels bathroom furniture. The first collection includes a shower head in a rounded format, thermostatic taps and a hand shower with a magnetic support.

Spring is here.

PORCELANOSA Grupo Projects: Acropolis, a rural hotel with an industrial décor in Flanders

The charm of this place lies in the materials used, which include ceramic collections based on stone and wood.

The floor tiles and the wall tiles from Porcelanosa and Venis highlight the authenticity of the bathrooms and the rooms.

This hotel in Middelkerke in Belgium, mixes the rural and industrial aesthetic as a reflection of the merging cultures which has written the history of Flanders. This architectural approach has been carried out with ceramic wall tiles and floor tiles from PORCELANOSA Grupo.

Ceramic bathrooms inspired by classic marble

The Carrara collection by Porcelanosa leads the way in covering the floors in the bathrooms in the rooms. Belonging to HIGHKERTM Premium large size ceramics, this material recreates the texture and the marble veins with the properties of ceramic. These qualities, all together create consistent and solid surfaces which not only stand the test of time but are water resistant as well.


Disconnecting with Starwood

Starwood ceramic wood is another standout material. Inspired by natural oak and beech pieces, the rooms which incorporate the Minnesota collection are defined by their warmth and authenticity in their Moka, Honey, Cream, Camel and Ash tones.


Disconnection in the North Sea.

The four new colours from Krion will be the new trends this spring

The Pillow Pink, Sage, Teal Blue and Coral tones will define interiors this season.

The pinkish, green, blue and grey tones will define interiors this season. Aware of current trends, Krion has extended its colour palette and it has also enhanced the earth, pastel and white colours in its Colors and Colors+ series.

This aesthetic development connects perfectly with the technical performance of the material, namely: thermoforming, backlighting, anti-bacterial, easy-to-clean. As well as that, it offers excellent resistance properties to fire, sunlight and high temperatures.

Pillow Pink, the strength of pink

The Pillow Pink 6402 dusty pink is a part of the Colors series. Its versatility makes it highly suitable for the terrazzos materials and the pieces of golden and silver furniture.


Sage, a new dimension of green

The sustainable balance, along with the colour variations from the green shaped Sage. The combination of this colour with wood or marble provides the raw style with a new air, especially with kitchen and bathroom surfaces.


The sea breeze present in Teal Blue

An open window to the sea. This is how the Teal Blue tone from the Colors+ series was distinguished. This deep blue provides spaces with balance through white, grey and brown elements which provide the rooms with greater freshness. A colour with endless applications.


As well as that, Krion has developed a colour plate with which important projects can be customised. An example of this is Coral, the first colour from the Adhoc range by Krion.

A new horizon of possibilities.

PORCELANOSA Grupo attends the MosBuild 2019 Exhibition Fair in Moscow

The companies: Porcelanosa, Venis, Gamadecor, L’Antic Colonial, Noken and Krion showcase their latest collections in futuristic bathrooms.

The exhibition will bring more than 65.000 visitors and 1.200 international exhibitors together.

The MosBuild exhibition in Moscow will bring the latest building solutions for contemporary housing and the contract sector together until next April 5th. Counting on 10 individual exhibitions and more than 1.200 international exhibitors, the event will be attended by more than 65.000 professionals from the real-estate and architecture sectors.

Bathrooms, swimming pools and saunas are some of the atmospheres which are reproduced in this venue, where PORCELANOSA Grupo is present at: Pavilion 1Hall 4, D351; as a part of the Artisan-Project exhibition. The most important collections from Porcelanosa, Venis, Gamadecor, L’Antic Colonial, Noken and Krion in bathrooms and indoor spaces are showcased.

Urban design based on stone and mosaics

The Verona collection from Porcelanosa can be found in three atmospheres at the exhibition. Based on stone, every veining reproduces the wear and tear of the age-old rocks. With regard to wall tiles, it is worth highlighting the Prada Acero and Mombasa Prada Acero collection, which is inspired by granite and its numerous combinations.

Venis combines stone and cement in its Urban Acero collection in a Gloss finish. The fine irregular blended veining of the stone provides the space with greater cosiness. As well as that, the same happens with the Indic series, which reproduces the lightness of marble with: the Magma Black, Rivoli Glass and Infinito Rivoli wall tiles. Naturally inspired solutions for bathrooms and indoor spaces alike.

The warmth of these materials contrasts with the metallic mosaics from L’Antic Colonial. To create stylish bathrooms, the company has included the Metal (Bronze Mini 3D Cubes and Gravity (Aluminium Braid Metal Titanium) collections with copper and anthracite playing the leading role.


Avant-garde furniture for the bathroom

The Furniture gains special importance in the bathroom, since it complements the decor in the space. By bringing tradition and modernity together, the Skill, Blind and Leaf collections from Gamadecor focus on symmetry; providing those spaces with greater spaciousness. Their texture combination creates unique atmospheres which are based on the simplicity of their shapes.

Krion and Noken have banked on sustainable avant-garde designs which encourage responsible water use, like the S+Line shower screens from Krion.

The most refined design has been done by Foster+Partners, whose Tono collection offers integral bathrooms unique pieces such as the double basin and the enhanced magnetic mirrors. Another standout series is Oxo, which is a Premium collection from Noken with countertops from XTone and basin taps.


Less is more.

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