June 16, 2015 | Updated: October 26, 2018

Architecture awards

8th Porcelanosa Awards: Imanol Etayo Cabrejas, in the Students Forward-looking Projects

Imanol Etayo Cabrejas, a student in CICE Design and Architectural Modelling Projects Master (Madrid), has been awarded the first prize in the 8th PORCELANOSA Group Architecture and Interior decoration Awards with regard to the Students Forward-looking Projects section.

 Etayo Cabrejas, a student who had to design the main rooms in a Muse 74 yacht from the Rodman Group, created a design consisting of the union of two materials which fit in the different parts of the yacht, that is to say, the laminate wood and the Krion® solid surface.

Therefore, the base of the spaces is made of Krion® thermoformed (creating curved sections) 1103 White, which defines the organic lines as well as making the pieces of furniture for the rooms, both for the indoor and outdoor areas. Meanwhile, the laminated wood is the selected material to cover the base of the solid surface on the walls and ceilings working as a kind of shell: on one hand, and with regard to the indoor areas, the Wet Technic Bristol laminated wood  has been used, and on the other hand, and as far as the outdoors is concerned, the Ipe Iguazu flooring has been the chosen material, both of them by L’Antic Colonial. The gap existing between both materials has been used for the light installation.

On the floor below the deck, the space arrangement has been maintained  by means of several bathrooms and bedrooms, whereas on the deck we can find a clear open space with two clearly different areas thanks to a step, which separates the sitting room from the dining room kitchen. Most of the pieces of furniture, such as the sofa, the tables and the beds, are linked to the Krion® covering, with the aim of avoiding any sliding that may occur because of rough seas and high waves.

The result is a cosy elegant design, which maintains a uniform beauty in the different rooms of the yacht thanks to the bright Krion® solid surface, which provides the design with an avant-garde feel by means of the warmth of wood, resulting in a very welcoming atmosphere.

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