June 11, 2014 | Updated: October 26, 2018

Architecture awards

7th Porcelanosa Awards. Award for Future Projects: Héctor Romero García (Volteo)

The originality and freshness of this proposal led the jury for the 7th Architecture and Interior Design Awards to choose the project by Héctor Romero García, from the Volteo interior design studio as the winner in the professional category of future projects for this edition of the PORCELANOSA Group Awards.

The designer has created a 600 square metre different commercial and functional space with the malleability of Krion® as the driving force and a design inspired by textures and plasticity of textile elements and materials: zips which open and generate or show areas, dividing panels with rivets and printings, information desks with a petrified fabric appearance…

Héctor Romero proposes to give the limelight to the interior space, opening a large window in the spectacular Krion® White façade. The display windows are also made of the PORCELANOSA Group solid surface and come with a grooved surface to place and expose products.

The interior space is on two floors and one mezzanine. The 500 square metre large ground floor facilitates the flow of people at presentations and events, being an area for the exhibition of floorings which also has an information desk, a working area for professionals and a cafeteria with a Krion® White bar.

Stairs with a banister that looks like teeth with a zip, created with chromed aluminium by Butech leads to the upper floors. The mezzanine is home to the administrative area, over which its 100 square metres have been used to create three working points and a management office.

Finally on the first floor the designer has created a 75cm perimeter raised floor which is home to trays which contain more material samples. This area also exhibits several bathroom, kitchen, living room, and dining settings created with innovations from the Group’s Companies.

Don’t miss the complete album on Flickr about this project, checkit out following this link.

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