July 21, 2023


The 7 most elegant bathroom washbasin taps

When design and functionality are in perfect harmony, washbasin taps are elevated to decorative status

Bathrooms are spaces made for comfort and relaxation. If you want to create a unique and truly personal space, every little detail counts. This is what makes designer washbasin taps a key piece. They add a touch of distinction to your bathroom, turning it into a truly exclusive space.

Designer taps go beyond the purely practical, becoming a work of art in their own right. These pieces are carefully crafted and made with top quality materials to offer a unique and sophisticated aesthetic.

When you choose designer taps, you're choosing a centrepiece for your bathroom. They will become the focal point of your décor, exuding standout elegance and style.

Take a look at our tips for choosing the right washbasin taps for your needs - that also tie in with your overall bathroom aesthetic.

Round washbasin mixer tap in matte black finish.

Round washbasin mixer tap in matte black finish.

Tips for choosing bathroom taps

Several fundamental aspects come into play when choosing washbasin taps. Here are some tips to help you get it right:

1 - Style and design.

Think about the overall style of your bathroom, and go for a tap that fits your desired look. You could opt for classic, modern or minimalist designs, depending on your taste and existing décor scheme.

2 - Type of tap.

It's important to get the right kind of tap, based on your needs as well as the installation. Explore various options in the next section.

3 - Hard-wearing materials.

In terms of the best, most durable materials for your washbasin taps, chrome-plated brass or stainless steel are hard to beat. As well as an elegant aesthetic, these materials guarantee improved resistance to wear and tear.

4 - Finish.

Think carefully about the finish. That way you can achieve a coherent aesthetic in the bathroom. A shiny chrome finish will give you a polished, modern look, whilst a matte black tap will give the room a contemporary edge. Getting the finish right really makes a difference, and is one of the keys to creating a coherent and stylish space.

Acro Compact bathroom taps in matte black finish.

Acro Compact bathroom taps in matte black finish.

5 - Comfort and functionality.

Consider the height, on/off function and reach of the washbasin tap. You need to make sure you have enough space to wash your hands comfortably.

6 - Innovation and sustainability.

The latest trends in bathroom tap design point to technology as a key tool in the path towards sustainability. For example, washbasin taps from the WaterForest series by Noken boast a cold-start system that reduces water and energy consumption.

7 - Cleaning and maintenance.

Taps are constantly exposed to moisture, chemicals and residue. This is why it's crucial to choose a design that's easy to clean and maintain. If you're looking for easier cleaning, look for taps with stain and corrosion-resistant finishes, as well as non-stick and anti-limescale treatments.

Round collection, recessed washbasin tap.

NK Concept washbasin mixer tap in a chrome finish.

Types of bathroom taps

There's a whole world of washbasin taps to choose from. Making an informed decision is important, so you need to understand the different types of installation and designs out there.

· Mixer taps.

The most common and popular option. Washbasin mixer taps have a single lever to control the flow of the water as well as the temperature.

· Dual-control taps.

These taps have two separate controls: one for the cold water flow, and another for hot water. These taps are becoming increasingly rare, but they are still the perfect fit for a cottage or rustic aesthetic.

Round collection, recessed washbasin tap.

· Recessed taps.

These taps are installed into the wall behind the washbasin, hiding all the pipework for a clean, minimalist look. Recessed washbasin taps are ideal for minimalist bathrooms.

· Tall washbasin taps.

These models come with a longer 'neck' than more conventional taps. Tall washbasin taps give you more space underneath the spout, making them perfect for deeper countertop washbasins.

· Sensor taps.

These tech-driven taps use motion or proximity sensors to activate the water flow. As you bring your hands closer to the sensor on the taps, the water comes on automatically. They're especially common in public spaces given how hygienic they are.

· Timed taps.

These taps have an integrated timer to limit the amount of time they stay on. They're ideal for controlling water consumption, which is why this type is so common in public and commercial spaces.

Touchless and Round sensor taps.

· Thermostatic taps.

You may have seen these in showers. The thermostat enables you to set and maintain a constant water temperature for your washbasin taps. This guarantees user comfort, and they're safe too, preventing any sudden changes in temperature.

· Waterfall taps.

These taps are specially designed to create a waterfall-esque flow, making them very visually appealing. Waterfall washbasin taps are an undisputedly elegant, sophisticated and modern addition to the bathroom.

Urban model, waterfall washbasin tap

Urban model, waterfall washbasin tap.

The main washbasin taps types all have their own features and benefits. When you're making your final choice, it all depends on your particular project and personal preferences.

The most inspiring washbasin tap designs

Boasting a blend of visionary design and everyday practicality, some washbasin taps are true masterpieces. The design of these pieces breaks with the conventional and takes the lead in style and innovation.

Next we'll look at some particularly captivating bathroom tap designs by Noken. These models break from the traditional mould and offer a unique take on aesthetics and functionality.

SWAN by ERRE Arquitectura.

Elegance, beauty and lightness are just three of the virtues of this work of art, created by Valencian studio ERRE Arquitectura. With its ergonomic and simple shapes, it seeks exquisite aesthetics and ecological efficiency.

SWAN washbasin tap designed by ERRE Arquitectura for Noken.
SWAN washbasin tap designed by ERRE Arquitectura for Noken.

Vitae, bathroom collection by Zaha Hadid.
Vitae, bathroom collection by Zaha Hadid.

Vitae, by Zaha Hadid.

This tap from the Vitae collection, designed by the Iraqi architect, is simply bursting with innovation and sustainability. The pieces stand out for their masterful design, expertly blending liquid forms and organic lines.

Lounge, by Simone Micheli.

Boasting straight and sinuous forms, these taps lend exquisiteness and Italian finesse to bathrooms. Lounge
es una pieza de autor vanguardista y atemporal.

Lounge washbasin mixer tap, a Simone Micheli piece.
Lounge washbasin mixer tap, a Simone Micheli piece.

Lignage, a recessed washbasin tap designed by Ramón Esteve.
Lignage, a recessed washbasin tap designed by Ramón Esteve.

Lignage, by Ramón Esteve.

The exclusive Lignage taps unveil curved forms and soft lines, cementing their status as a bathroom ideal.

Tono, by Fosters + Partners.

Headed by Norman Foster, this renowned architecture studio champions sustainability and has made elegance an art form. Tono is a reinterpretation of functional design. Put simply, the purest form of versatility and modularity.

Tono washbasin tap, a functional design by Fosters + Partners.
Tono washbasin tap, a functional design by Fosters + Partners.

Forma designer taps.
Forma designer taps.

Forma designer taps.

Forma bathroom taps are characterised by timeless beauty with a contemporary edge. These pieces also come with the Noken Eco-Start and Noken Eco-Flow systems, resulting in more conscious and responsible water consumption.

OXO designer taps.

Boasting pure and angular forms, these taps stand out for their dynamic and contemporary aesthetic with a firm nod to the future. This unique, sculptural bathroom element is the result of a cutting-edge, aerodynamics-inspired design.

OXO, a unique washbasin tap.
OXO, a unique washbasin tap.

Visit your nearest Porcelanosa store, ask an assistant to take you to the water zone, and see all these bathroom tap designs up close.

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