June 10, 2021 | Updated: June 18, 2021


5 tips for decorating a unique home

Two things will make all the difference when you want to make your house a designer paradise: paying attention to the details and using premium materials.

Having an exclusive home doesn’t necessarily mean spending huge amounts on your décor or works of art. It’s simply a matter of making the right (clever) decisions when choosing which products and construction materials to use.

Here, we’ll look at some ideas to turn your home into a designer haven.

Berna Acero Nature 150 cm x 300 cm

1-Room scheme Tono collection Krion®

2-Collections Lignage + Oxo + Liem Noken

#1. Choose quality, stylish materials

Choosing quality materials guarantees two things: the construction and décor of your home will stand the test of time, and they’ll add a sense of identity to each space. Ceramic floor and wall tiles in premium finishes, inspired by nature, have the ability to turn any space into a five-star resort.

Getting rid of any sense of separation between the various areas (or small rooms) is the first step towards a more sophisticated looking home. Porcelanosa’s large format porcelain tiles do just this, creating uniform, join-free surfaces that add serious style to any room.

1-E4.00 Blanco Snow Mate Roble Puro kitchen Gamadecor Krion®

2-E4.40 kitchen Gamadecor Krion® worktop

#2. Furniture with a personality of its own

Minimal, classic, industrial, japandi… exclusivity comes in all styles. If you want to give each room its own personal feel, we recommend you go for furnishings in timeless designs with premium qualities.

Shower Deck Butech + Sochi Marfil Pulido ceramic tiles 58.6 cm x 118.7 cm

#3. Lighting distribution

The right lighting will give your home the edge – it can highlight the décor of each room, and extend your aesthetic possibilities. Opting for large picture windows, or carefully and unobtrusively positioning soft lighting around the house will enhance the sense of order in your layout. You could do this with Butech LED lights, which can be positioned in such a way as to highlight certain areas.

Noir Topo 59.6 cm x 150 cm + Spiga Noir Topo 59.6 cm x 150 cm Porcelanosa

Noir Topo 59.6 cm x 150 cm + Spiga Noir Topo 59.6 cm x 150 cm

#4. Pay attention to the details

Paying attention to every last detail is the ultimate key to achieving a unique, elegant and tasteful home.

Ceramic floor or wall tiles with the look of stone or wood make for safer and more hygienic spaces, and will also create a sense of space. Complement them with decorative profiles (Butech) or custom-made furniture.

1-Orobico Dark Polished 150 cm x 300 cm

2-Vancouver Sand 25 cm × 150 cm

#5. Combine materials and textiles

Use textiles to dress your space and add a unique touch to living rooms and bedrooms, using them to emphasise your chosen interior design style. Add sophistication and a sense of balance by adding natural textures, neutral pieces or large-format ceramics.

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