July 31, 2019

The 34th New Lifestyle Magazine

The 12th Porcelanosa Awards, and the interview with the Carlos Lamela studio form a part of the new magazine issue.

A special mention in this issue goes out to company collaborators such as William Sofield and Kike Sarasola, as well as to some standout projects, namely: the Royal Gardens in Budva in Montenegro and a house in Sierra Nevada by Saz Arquitectos.

PORCELANOSA Grupo has recently released a new Lifestyle Magazine model. The 34th issue of its magazine is based on architecture, leisure-time plans and lifestyles, which also includes the most standout current projects and the latest news regarding the company.

In this new issue, we can see two company events in the first few pages, namely: the 12th Porelanosa Awards and the 26th International Exhibition for Global Architecture and Interior Design.


Under concepts such as sustainability and high standards for the future, the Porcelanosa Awards event was a great success regarding the number of people who turned up. The event, which was held at the Zalacaín La Finca, has once again become a leading event for professionals. The event itself saw leading figures, such as: Kelly Hoppen, William Sofield and Carlos Lamela; all of whom picked up an honorary award. As well as that, the event also saw the Design of the Year and Special 2019 Awards winners: Sofía Pérez de Amezaga, Mikel Goñi de Los Arcos, Cimbra Arquitectos and Ángel Fito; who were also in the limelight because of their work in a most moving gala which was presented by both Mónica Carrillo and Michi Primo de Rivera.

Another incredible moment for Porcelanosa was the 26th International Exhibition for Global  Architecture and Interior Design which took place in January 2019, which saw over 12000 people turning up from all over the world. A quite simply unmissable event in which the eight companies from the Grupo showcased their very latest products and materials. 14000m2 of exhibition space in which energy efficiency and waste management were the centre of attention, without losing sight of the product innovation itself.

Architecture in capital letters

In the 34th issue of the Lifestyle Magazine, special attention is paid to the professionals who are the leading figures in international architecture and design.

Under the heading: “An optimist in search of optimism”; Carlos Lamela from the Lamela Studio tells all in an interview regarding his experience about architectural evolution after the financial crisis and his very own personal challenges, too. With offices in Mexico, Rotterdam, Poland and Madrid; the Lamela Studio has been the architect of the most important projects, such as: Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam and the Querétaro Call Centre in Mexico.


Also, there are two interviews with the architect, William Sofield, who certainly catches the eye because of his rigour and dept of field in commercial space design. As well as that, there is the businessman, Kike Sarasola, who is considered as being the greatest exponent of the urban hotel concept with Room Mate.

Cutting-edge projects

Among the pages of this new Lifestyle Magazine edition, we can also see the most standout projects which have been carried out with material from Porcelanosa Grupo. Architectural gems which have been thought up by leading professionals, like the imposing house in Sierra Nevada by Saz Arquitectos and the Royal Gardens in Budva, Montenegro. A selection of worldwide projects which are in search of pure excellence.

The very latest architecture and design news from the world of Porcelanosa in the new lifestyle Magazine issue.


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