January 31, 2020


27th International Exhibition: Fitwall™ and Krion Shell™, the new eco-sustainable solutions for the retail sector

The company, Krion, has developed materials that are more eco-efficient, linked to aesthetics, durability and quality.

The latest research carried out by the firm has enabled it to create an engineered mineral composite to design more resistant sanitary facilities.

Fitwall™ and Krion Shell™ are the two proposals presented by Krion at the 27th International Exhibition of Global Architecture and Interior Design.

The PORCELANOSA Group firm, committed to sustainability and reducing resources for a fair and efficient ecological transition, has been studying new materials that promote the circular economy and are environmentally friendly.

Krion Fitwall Porcelanosa 1

Resistant and sustainable design

The result of this research work is Fitwall™, a range of mineral-based decorative panels that enable the easier decoration of spaces. Due to its large dimensions and its composition, (which has featured the replacement of a large part of the resins with natural minerals and pigments) each setting designed is reinforced with its mineral content.

Among the properties of this product, it is worth mentioning that it is highly resistant to fire, solar radiation and impacts. These are attributes inherent to each of its nine models.

Krion Shell Porcelanosa 1

This series, which is part of PORCELANOSA Group’s sustainable Eco-Conscious programme, is supplemented by Krion Shell™. The company’s engineered mineral composite blends eco-sustainability, design and functionality and is especially intended for bathroom design, as it allows for the construction of more sustainable and durable sanitary facilities.

With a structural body comprising dolomite mineral, which is accompanied by a recycled PET plastic eco resin and a solid and homogeneous external layer made up of mineral (alumina trihydrate) and resin, this product contains up to 5% recycled material and is perfectly paired with the Flow, Line and Slope bathroom collections.

Design to preserve nature.

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