January 21, 2019


Technology and Premium ceramic take centre stage at the 26th PORCELANOSA Group Global Architecture and Interior Design International Exhibition

From January 21st to 25th, the eight firms from the Grupo will present their latest designs in kitchens, bathrooms, floor tiles, wall tiles and building materials in Vila-Real.

In the 13.000m2 exhibition area, more than 14.000 visitors and professionals from the sector are expected to show up.

The Premium collections and large formats will lead the way at the 26th PORCELANOSA Group Global Architecture and Interior Design International Exhibition.

From today and until next January 25th, the eight firms from the PORCELANOSA Group will showcase their latest collections which have exclusivity, innovation and sustainability as their main principles in the different showrooms in Vila-Real. Challenged to go beyond the numbers of the previous edition (14.000 visitors), the different firms from the PORCELANOSA Group are once again positioned at the forefront of the national and international market with new materials and manufacturing methods.

Large-scale elegance

Porcelanosa will showcase Nobu, the large-format Premium ceramic collection which is a part of HIGHKER. Its most important characteristic is that it reproduces the natural look of wood with the resistance and timelessness of ceramic. With regard to wall tiles, we highlight Berna and Mood, which meet the demands of new interior design. The dim and white colours in these series make it possible to increase the space capacity through their balanced sober shapes.

Venis also deals with nature, since it has excavated sandstone from the desert to create: Dakota Sandstone. A collection which can be used as floor tile or a wall tile in its three tones: White, Gray and Beige. The same ones which have been included in its two decorations: Deco Old Dakota y Deco Lines Dakota. A trip into the past which grows in importance with marble, the main material in its other two designs, namely: Indic and Artic.

The future is slowly on its way

Gamadecor banks on the kitchen of the future by bringing technology and design together in one formula.  An equation whose result has been Smart Kitchen, a new kitchen concept where the user will be able to interact with the equipment, and in turn, it will know their eating habits. As well as that, the firm will showcase Skill, its latest design in bathroom furniture, which can be found in three colours: gloss lacquer, white and slate.

As far as bathrooms are concerned, it is worth mentioning the Care system by Noken. Thought up for the Tono bathtub, this material enriches the Wellness experience, whose bubbles penetrate the skin, favouring natural collagen production, while increasing serotonin levels. For the Tono bathtubs, the freestanding and concealed versions have been included. Furthermore, the collection has extended its basins, mirrors, taps and finishes; banking on sustainability through WaterForest. An experience which will take place in the firm’s showroom where water and energy saving will be enhanced.

KRION has banked on a new range of colours which consists of 20% recycled material. Materia, the name of the series, preserves an urban aesthetic which is linked to the new interior design. Its three tones: Amaro, Grigio and Luce; have been developed with the benefits offered by this mineral compact: Thermoforming (in curved sections), zero porosity, flexibility, resistance to impacts and easy maintenance. As well as that, at the Exhibition, visitors will be able to find out about the different options offered by this material for the Retail, hotel and Healthcare sectors.

The Mozarab legacy which has lasted a lifetime

L’Antic Colonial, through the Sadasi and Field collections, pays tribute to the handmade work  from leading companies. The former stands out because of its hexagons and neutral tones on its six sides while getting back to the Mozarab colours and structures which were created on the Mediterranean shores. Field combines different stony triangles with metallic tiles through the Black, Copper and White mosaics. The firm has included: the Pepe Cosín studios, Alexander Martin Architects, Thomas Capezzone and Sarah Van Peteghem in the presentation of its projects which will be explained to the public through different food tastings.

The light combinations and the light effects have been carried out by Butech with its new pro-light tile profiles, which can be installed on kitchen worktops, ceramic wall tiles and wall corners. It will be in the showroom where this effect will be best seen, since there will be practical demonstrations about how to lay the large-format ceramic laid, together with all the relevant explanations. One of the other highlighted products is the imperband deck kit, the latest ventilated façade systems, and the new raised access flooring systems.

Urbatek continues to move ahead with its XLight extra slim porcelain. Its two new options, namely: Stam and Tempo; reproduce the 20th-century avant-garde movements. Stam has been thought up to be like a watercolour painting of lights and shadows in Beige and Grey tones. Tempo focuses on cement and the industrial aesthetic through its three colours: Black, White and Grey. A wide range of possibilities that will become the real thing through the different Cooking Talks organised by the firm.


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