February 17, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


The 24th PORCELANOSA Group Exhibition News: new versions and innovations from KRION® in bathroom equipment by Systempool

The most diverse designs at the 24th International Global Architecture & Interior Design Exhibition, put on by the PORCELANOSA Group, come from Systempool. The firm gives, once again, a leading role to its cutting-edge acrylic stone with new KRION® versions through the K® TERRAZZO Collection. But this will not be the only big news. This year, Systempool wants to give special importance to the bathroom by designing innovative basins, bathtubs and shower trays series: all of them can be seen in the renewed exhibition next to the exclusive Tono collection by Foster + Partners, after its official presentation at Cersaie 2016.

TERRAZZO: the new design from KRION® inspired by classic materials

Systempool shows the increased aesthetical possibilities of the KRION® Solid Surface compact mineral through the new K® TERRAZZO Collection. A series inspired by classic materials which recovers the terrazzo effect, the material made up from leftover marble pieces and concrete amalgams which revolutionized architecture. This similarity is not only aesthetic. In K® TERRAZZO Collection we also find the material reuse, the decoration and composition depth. Due to being full-bodied, this has the possibility to regenerate the surface whenever necessary. However, the Solid Surface breaks away from the original terrazzo because of many other properties, such as its bending and high impact resistance; its zero porosity; its lower weight due to this material density; and the possibilities of being used in custom designs for its ease of transformation and malleability to create imperceptible joints. Also, it should be noted that this new KRION® collection further enhances the possibility of design customization, through a new production of 12mm sheets, instead of the usual 20mm.

Innovation in bathroom equipment: the latest in basins, bathtubs and shower trays

Systempool provides this new International Exhibition edition with great relevance regarding the bathroom equipment. New basins, bathtubs and shower tray collections that are aimed at setting up a new concept for modern-day bathrooms, achieving a more experiential, exclusive and elegant room.

3-Way and Unique are the two new basin collections designed by Systempool for 2017, two designs which reappear with a covering that has a metallic look, which provide greater versatility to the bathroom set up. In terms of finishes, there is a very wide range: copper, golden, titanium and pink for pedestal basins, allowing for total customization.

Systempool also brings out an integral bathroom collection, namely: Pure by Yonoh. An extensive collection with infinite possibilities that include a simple freestanding bowl and another integrated one, a double bowl and a pedestal basin. The furniture, meanwhile, combines open and closed storage which provide enough space for all our needs. The collection is completed with bathtubs and bathroom accessories, such as mirrors and soap holders.

In bathtubs and shower trays, Systempool presents Line, Arch and Slim. The Line shower tray stands out due to its high mineral load thanks to its KRION® wall tile. It is available in five colours: white, mole, beige, grey and graphite. The main advantage of this shower tray is that its length, from 76 to 210cm and its width, from 70 to 100cm can both be customized. In addition, this shower tray model has decorative panels that allow the walls to be tiled, keeping the visual continuity and homogeneous bathroom aesthetics.

Arch and Slim are the two new freestanding bathtubs from Systempool manufactured in KRION®. Whereas the first one is oval and its dimensions are 160×75 cm and 170×75 cm; the second one is characterized by a design of refined shapes whose dimensions are 170 x 80 cm. In both cases, the bathtub has an integrated overflow, as well as a KRION® finished click-clack drainage trim.

Tono by Foster+Partners

After its official presentation at Cersaie 2016, the Tono bathroom collection from Foster + Partners is showcased at the PORCELANOSA Group International Exhibition. This comprehensive series, as elegant as it both minimalist and functional, is defined as a new way of understanding space, a result of the wide range of materials provided by the PORCELANOSA Group, including KRION®.

An innovative bathroom design which offers multiple combinations, modulations and finishes, through its two ranges: Tono One and Tono Elements.

Check out all the news from the PORCELANOSA Group at the 24th Global Architecture & Interior Design International Exhibition from 13 to 17 February.

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