June 10, 2019


The 12th PORCELANOSA Awards: ‘El Niu’ by Cimbra Arquitectos has won the Best Future Design Award in the Professionals category.

 Marar Nogueira, Pablo Rozadas, Mireia García, Raquel Toledo and Efrén Blanco have built this group of restaurants using materials from PORCELANOSA Group.

The objective for the architects is to create a sensory experience for the clients so that they can discover all the gastronomic options offered by the space.

As if it were a nest (hence its name), this building of the retail sector has been built as a group of restaurants and establishments where clients will be able to discover all the assorted gastronomy through their sensory perceptions.

El Niu is a project by the architects: Marar Nogueira, Pablo Rozadas, Mireia García, Raquel Toledo and Efrén Blanco; they are from the Cimbra Arquitectos studio. Both its structure and composition has been designed with products from PORCELANOSA Group. This offers an original way to design the Food Courts where nature can be seen all over the place.

A project which caught the eye of the jury at the 12th Porcelanosa Awards, who decided to give them the award for Best Future Design in the category of Professionals. “We are dealing with a design that turns a commercial space which is geared towards the restaurant industry, into the generatrix experience with the client”, the artists stated.


Gastronomy and music together in the same space

Thought up to be a private space for public use, the establishment offers several leisure and restaurant areas with terraces and places for games and concerts alike.

Its two floors connect the different areas with the façade material, whose continuous filtered light comes in and out, enhancing all the material that has been used. Among them, it is worth highlighting the KrionTM 1100 Snow White, whose pure white works as the layer of skin for Niu.


The versatility and thermoforming ability of this mineral compact has made it possible to create those straight sinuous shapes which make up the cover of the establishment or central area where the bar is. It is here where the Gravity Aluminium 3D Hexagon Copper mosaic from L’Antic Colonial was used, along with the E7.60 Roble and E.360 Grey Class kitchen from Gamadecor; the Pro-Light decorative profiles from Butech; a company which is also present in this space with the STE raised access flooring.

The STON-KER ceramic stone collection and the Tanzania Almond ceramic wood from Starwood are the main floor tiles in the establishment. A combination between the industrial and natural world which portrays that duality where modern society is found.

The XLight and XLight Savage Dark porcelain tiles from Urbatek have been chosen for the wall tiles, as well as the Authentic 1L Natural from L’Antic Colonial. The latter’s natural touch regarding the material provides the restaurant area with greater sophistication.

It is in the bathrooms where a minimal aesthetic balanced with floor tiles inspired by natural wood has been opted for. A clear example of this is the Delaware Natural Anti-Slip ceramic parquet from Par-KerTM or the Dover Topo, both from Porcelanosa.


With regard to wall tiles the choices have been the following: XLight Moon White from Urbatek, the Imperia Onix Golden from L’Antic Colonial and the Rivoli Gloss from Venis. The taps in these spaces are from Noken. “El Niu is biomimetic architecture which has nature as the source of inspiration. Its central iconic piece in the space where it is located is set out over two floors with spaces for the public and for resting”, the architects said.

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