May 31, 2019


The 12th Porcelanosa Awards looks to the future through design, sustainable architecture and accessibility

The jury for this 12th edition are: Beatriz Silveira, Abel Matutes, Carlos Valverde, Manuel Aires Mateus, Alejandro Zaera-Polo, Andrés Jaque and Kike Karasola.

The event was attended by internationally-renowned architects and interior designers such as Carlos Lamela, Kelly Hoppen and William Sofield, who were given three honorary awards because of their long professional careers and involvement in the sector.

The future will be sustainable or not, who knows? This was one of the key principles at the 12th Architecture and Interior Design Awards by PORCELANOSA Group.

The event, which took place at the Zalacaín LaFinca premises in Madrid, was attended by more than 430 guests and a jury which consisted of some of the main representatives in architecture, design, hotel management and real estate both nationally and internationally: Abel Matutes, Beatriz Silveira, Carlos Valverde, Manuel Aires Mateus, Alejandro Zaera-Polo, Andrés Jaque and Kike Karasola.

“Many think that the only valid quantification is the numerical one, whereas others like PORCELANOSA Group focus on the human value. In the names and surnames which give movement, colour, shape and life to each project. To each piece of this ceramic puzzle”, remarked the journalist Mónica Carrillo in the introductory speech, who was the presenter at the ceremony, together with Michi Primo de Rivera.

Three awards were given out at the ceremony for the Best Future Design in the category of Students, Professionals and the prize for Best Design of the Year; a Special Prize 2019; seven Special Tributes and three Honorary Prizes.

Different generations brought together by design

The students from the BIM Master in the Management and Production of Projects of CICE in Madrid, namely: Sofía Pérez de Amezaga and Mikel Goñi de Los Arcos were given the Award for Best Future Design in the Students category for their design, La Cantera: Naturaleza Humanizada. This is a reinterpretation of retail establishments having natural quarries as a source of inspiration. An architectural reflection based on terrestrial and spiritual lines where the “landscape becomes organic and disorderedly. A rational and linear emptying that is orderly, which brings the sky into contact with the purest materials”, explained the authors themselves about their project.

The Award for Best Future Design in the Professionals category was given to the Cimbra Arquitectos Studio because of its project called El Niu. Its creators: Marar Nogueira, Pablo Rozadas, Mireia García, Raquel Toledo and Efrén Blanco created a Food Court space based on customer experience and shapes, colours and textures which can be seen as you pass through. “El Niu stands for a central iconic piece of the global space whose two floors link spaces which are for public use. Furthermore, its façade conveys a continuous filtered light which comes in and goes out”, the artists agreed to define.

The ground-breaking Gom house, a hostelry by the sea, done by the Ángel Fito studio, was given two awards. The first of them was the prize for best Design of the Year, in which the use and execution of the project were assessed through the carefully-worked selection of materials from PORCELANOSA Group. The second award picked up by this studio was the Special Award 2019, which included a trip to Paris to visit the MAISON&OBJET exhibition and the PORCELANOSA Group store/studio, too.

Having el Teide and the Atlantic Ocean as the framework, this house in La Gomera (Canary Islands) “is located in the upper part of the plot, therefore freeing up the biggest possible surface area on the south-east front in order to make the most of the views and to create an infinity pool. The house wants, in every moment, to face the sea, as well as enjoying the views which nature offers”, highlighted Ángel Fito.

For sustainable environmental urban planning

Environmentally friendly matters, inclusive buildings and eco-sustainable materials were just some of the criteria which were taken into account for most of the seven Special Tributes. The developer Aedas Homes was given a Special Mention for the architectural quality in the New Construction Residential Development.

The Batlle & Roig Arquitectos studio was given the Special Mention for Sustainability and Ecology for the use of the ventilated façades from Butech.

La Finca, with its LAFINCA LGC3 project, was given the Special Mention for the Best real estate Project of the year done with products from PORCELANOSA Group.

The Association of Real Estate Promoters of Madrid (ASPRIMA) and the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) were given the Special Mention for the ASPRIMA-UPM Real Estate for their dedication in the different training processes.

Rome airport -Fiumicino has made use of the KrionTM K-Life 1100 mineral compact for its check-in counters and the conveyor belt arches, and this was the reason why it got the Special Mention for the use of materials from PORCELANOSA Group.

The work by Javier Higueras from HCP Arquitectos received the Special Mention for his Professional Career and the 25 years in the building sector. Also, Eddea was given the Special Mention for its initiative in the International Residential Development.

International standard setters in architecture and interior design

The architect Carlos Lamela, the British interior designer Kelly Hoppen and the designer William Sofield were given three honorary prizes for their professional careers, along with the impact which their work has made throughout the 21st century. “Here at PORCELANOSA Group, we have championed the Premium quality, innovation and design in our eight companies. Our objective is not only aimed at meeting the demands of individuals and professional customers and clients, but also we want to be a source of inspiration, reference and a model of those education, economic and culture agents which make up our society”, stated Héctor Colonques, the President of PORCELANOSA Group.

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