June 24, 2019


The 12th Porcelanosa Awards Finalists: the most hipster KRION™ in Forward-Looking Student Projects

“The Bar-ber” is a project by José María Fernández Cobian and Cristian Gonzalo Paredes Pottenie, students from the CICE BIM Manager Master, in Madrid.

An establishment which offers barber shop services and a bar for drinks, whose singular use of KRION on the roof of the premises certainly impressed those on the jury.

A coming together of modernism and vintage. This could define the barber shop created by José María Fernández Cobian and Cristian Gonzalo Paredes Pottenie, whose vision of the hipster philosophy has led them to being Finalists at the 12th Porcelanosa Awards. The architectural singularity defines The Bar-ber, a reinterpretation of the traditional retail which combines a barber shop and drinks bar service. The project is designed as a multifunctional space to have a drink in, attend a concert or visit an exhibition while squaring off beards and cutting hair.


A roof of beards made with KRION™

The malleability of the KRION mineral compact and its multiple possibilities to define any design have allowed Fernández Cobian and Paredes Pottenie to create a roof emulating a beard. A cover made of a black 20mm in diameter dense mesh with tubular profiles from KRION placed vertically which extend throughout the store also has continuity in the entrance area and the backyard. This differential application of PORCELANOSA Group material has strengthened the character of the establishment and its overall theme.

Other materials from the company used in The Bar-ber are the basins in the barber shop area, which are coated in Persian White Classico marble by L’Antic Colonial, and the tap in a black matt finish. The vertical walls of the pit and the worktop are made with Butech Micro-Stuck Cement. The floor tile in this area, shared with the server space areas and a part of the access and the courtyard, is the Habana Dark Pulido, also by L’Antic Colonial.

In terms of distribution, The Bar-ber has two clearly differentiated indoor areas. Firstly, there is a bounding volume, which is broken, where the servers, bathrooms, pantry and closet are. The second is the main space; a clear, clean area with clear lines from which visitors can access the drinking area and the barber shop. The floor tile reserved for this surface is the Artisan Coconut 1L parquet by L’Antic Colonial made of aged natural wood. Butech’s Micro-Stuck in the white version is present in all the vertical wall tiles, and for the décor elements and the logo. The name of the store has been done by Krion.

José María Fernández Cobian and Cristian Gonzalo Paredes Pottenie are students from the CICE BIM Manager Official Autodesk Master in Madrid. A centre which stands out year after year because of the high quality of the architectural designs by its students for the Porcelanosa Awards.


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