August 5, 2019


The 12th Porcelanosa Awards Finalists: Entrecopas, a project which banks on sustainability and environmentally friendliness

Carmen Escriba Macias, a student at the CICE school in Madrid, is among the finalists at the 12th Porcelanosa Awards.

Entrecopas is a project which enhances the traditional concept of a retail establishment, meeting clients’ purchasing needs.  

Carmen Escriba is the designer of Entrecopas, one of the projects which is among the finalists in the Forward-Looking category – Students- at the 12th Porcelanosa Awards. The student from the CICE School in Madrid, has put forward a space based on a new concept of business, meeting the demands of both the present and the future. A system which prioritises the disposition of the product that is exposed to obtain good sales results, while optimising the user experience.

Made up of an area with a café which has a kitchen, basins, changing rooms and a common area; ‘Entrecopas’ reformulates the concept of a showroom through areas for showcasing designs which are in the very same space. This more commercial area contrasts with the top floor. There, we can find a group of trees where at the top of them, there is a viewpoint, from where people will be able to see the whole of the building, and furthermore, the natural surroundings. 


Looking into the future

Entrecopas is a dynamic project which is focused on environmentally friendliness and sustainability alike. On a visual level, the Krion compact material, which has been used to create the large columns that the trees in the forest make up, plays the leading role. Its thermocurving ability makes it the ideal material for shaping the most original geometric structures.

For the bathrooms and the stairs to the second floor, Krion has also been opted for. Basins, sanitaryware and taps from Noken whose versatility and practicality allow them to be adapted to their original circular layout.

The kitchen design, set entirely in the forest atmosphere, is from Gamadecor, whereas the interior floor tiles belong to Porcelanosa and Venis. The wall tiles from Urbatek bring brightness through their light tones which enhance the feeling of spaciousness.

Lastly, the mosaics from L’Antic Colonial decorate the walls of the project creating elegant combinations of contrasts and nuances.

Entrecopas is a design which stands out because of the excellent resolution of its approach, along with its creative concept.


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