July 22, 2019


The 12th Porcelanosa Awards Finalists: “Eco Market”, a project based on the freshness and benefits of healthy food

The architects from the Ukrainian studio, Tobi Architects, are finalists in the Professionals Forward-looking- Design category at the 12th Porcelanosa Awards.

“Eco Market” is presented as a cutting-edge and multifunctional space which aims to enhance the consumption of healthy food through innovative techniques.

The 12th Porcelanosa Awards has seen a list of winners and finalists which simply ooze ingenuity, originality and effort. This is the case of the architects: Anastasiia Zakharchenko, Zhatko Yuliia and Akopian Gor from the Tobi Architects studio in the Ukraine; who, with their “Eco Market” project, have managed to be finalists in the Professionals Forward-Looking Design category. The products by different companies from PORCELANOSA Grupo provided a solution to the architectural needs which are in demand for this innovative eco-market.


The concept is based on the development of a shop-restaurant with ecological and healthy products, where people can buy, receive culinary advice, attend cooking master classes and try delicious dishes. A cocktail of experiences based on the advantages of eating fresh and healthy food. The space is divided up into two floors in which the previous activities can be seen.

Naturalness is one of the characteristics to be highlighted in this project since it fits in with the concept of ecology which prevails in “Eco Market”. Several series from XLight, Urbatek’s extra-slim and large-format porcelain tile collection have been used. The finishes inspired by the nature of: Nox Corten, Ewood Camel and Concrete Beige; are installed in floor tiles and wall tiles in the project, providing the atmosphere with great elegance and warmth alike.


The bathrooms manage to merge majesty and subtlety due to the contrasts between the dark and light tones added to the different textures. The Lounge collection basins in a white finish by Noken with its minimalist design, combined with the Soft bathroom taps, create a sophisticated and modern-day atmosphere. The kitchen is the place where there will be master classes and show cookings for those attending, so it is essential to install a cutting-edge kitchen like Gamadecor. It has an island which is designed for the placement of the chef and the guests, whose finishes are in: Onix, Pure Oak and Aged Dark Nature by XLight. The kitchen taps used for this space are from the Soft collection by Noken.


The malleability and versatility from the KrionTM material compact comes in different shapes in the “Eco Market” by Tobi Architects. The shelves in the showrooms, the tables where the cash registers and the curtain facade can be found are made with the innovative material. Any design can be brought to life because of its thermocurvable property which allows all kinds of shapes to be done. The products from PORCELANOSA Grupo not only offer an infinite world of aesthetic designs but also functional since they have an extraordinary resistance, durability and quality.

“Eco Market” is a multifunctional project which focuses on ecology, design and future.

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