August 19, 2019


Best Design of the Year finalists from PORCELANOSA Group: national identity in the COLONO franchise

The Serrano + Baquero Arquitectos studio are Best Design of the Year finalists at the Porcelanosa Awards.

The COLONO franchise has used KrionTM because of the properties regarding the solid surface from PORCELANOSA GRUPO, namely: customisation, hygiene and being long-lasting.  

The architects, Serrano + Baquero, are finalists in the category of Best Design of the Year at the Porcelanosa Awards with the COLONO franchise design. The corner shop, located in the centre of Wien, combines Spanish tradition and avant-garde design, not only in its products but also in the building of the space.

A versatile design with a feeling of national flavour

In order to shape the interior of the establishment, the architects have been inspired by the 14th-century portulan charts. To achieve this, four pieces of wood with different angles are manufactured to allow for a huge number of combinations which are able to create numerous spaces through modules. The versatility of the design lies in the ability to create different customised geometric combinations depending on the measurements and requirements of each establishment.

KrionTM has been the material chosen to complement the high customisation capabilities of the establishment. In a black colour, the compact mineral from PORCELANOSA Group has been opted for because of being long-lasting, its resistance and its hardness. But, above all, because of the safety and hygiene that it provides thanks to the fact that it does not allow bacterial build-up on its zero-porosity surface. The easy cleaning is an essential feature which complies with the hygiene regulations, ensuring safety for people.

With regard to aesthetics, KrionTM allows for jointless pieces of any size to be made, and its handling is very similar to wood, which results in an easier creation process.

Because of being full bodied, the KrionTM solid surface does not need to be painted, tiled or edged, since regardless of what the cut is, it will always maintain the same colour which guarantees the aesthetics of the piece and its long-lasting feature in sensitive areas and medium-to-high-traffic spaces.


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