May 15, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018

Architecture awards

The 10th PORCELANOSA Group Awards: State-of-the-art design in ‘Espiral’, Forward-Looking Projects, in the Professional category

We continue to focus on the award-winning projects from the 10th PORCELANOSA Group Awards 2017 in Architecture and Interior Design. Espiral, the Work Studio belonging to Ismael Dris Martínez de Tejada, was the winner in the Forward-Looking Projects – Professional category.

Espiral is a unique and distinctive project, with a ground-breaking layout. Its originality lies in the fact that it starts from a continuous space of increasing volume in its proposal. In order to show that the space continuity was feasible and to have the different rooms segmented so that a compatible use is achieved; an initial piece which is spiral-folded was used for that purpose, therefore, creating different interconnected rooms which lead on from one to the other. With regard to its interior design, it is worth highlighting the clear open minimalist spaces, with visual connection among the rooms through large windows. A spacious, cutting-edge and comfortable workspace, where only what is important matters.

The materials

In order to reinforce that idea of continuity and modernity, and with an emphasis on that piece-folding which intrinsically defines the project; the materials used are also continuous throughout its development. Specially, it is worth highlighting the innovative use of the mineral compact from the PORCELANOSA Group, the KRION® Solid Surface, which materialises a double-skin piece with a polyurethane core. Because of being filled, and thanks to the wide range of properties from KRION®, this piece works as a self-supporting element with a high performance, such as the energy efficiency and sustainability. KRION® ‘s quality and its thermocurving properties, have also had a positive effect on the shape and modularity of the space, which is shown as being lively and dynamic, as well as being seemingly ahead of its time.

All the furniture, except for the armchairs and chairs, have been manufactured with a Solid Surface base. The two doors which give access to the meeting room, as well as the one to the bathroom, are pivoting on a material base and KRION® finish. Additionally, the acrylic stone, which is highly-resistant and durable, has also been used in the most demanding spaces. For instance, one can find KRION®  in the  kitchen furniture and the worktop; as well as in the facings, partitions and the other elements that make up the bathroom. The bathroom equipment firm from the PORCELANOSA Group, Noken, is also present in these spaces, through the Soft single lever Sink mixer in a Chrome finish for the kitchen; and the Imagine taps, the Arquitect sanitaryware and the Lounge basins for the bathrooms.

With regard to the floor tiles, the ultra-resistant Stuc White Polished through-body porcelain by Urbatek wows in the bathroom. Both an interior and exterior KRION® final finish is achieved with a continuous technical LinkFloor Contract Gravel vinyl flooring by L’Antic Colonial.

In conclusion, Espiral is a project with unique features created by the ARQVI Architecture and Visualisation Studio to become an innovative workspace. It can be seen as a prefabricated system, assembled in situ with the polyurethane core injection, which makes transporting it easier, along with reducing production expenses.

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