August 14, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018

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10th PORCELANOSA Group Awards Finalists: material harmony in Students Forward-Looking Projects

The hyperrealistic infoarchitecture is an advanced technique of digital representation capable of making fictitious atmospheres and materials images for its hyperrealism seem real when shaping textures, shadows and shades. Thanks to this technique, Jorge Martin Esteso, a hyperrealistic infoarchitecture student at CICE Madrid, has designed his finalist project at the 10th PORCELANOSA Group Architecture and Interior Design Awards in the Students Looking-Forward category. A work space that advocates a design of futuristic inspiration and a strong feeling of tranquility and quietness.

The project

This project is created to give alternative reality to a block of flats in the mythical Fuencarral street, in Madrid. The objective is to recreate a work space that meets the new functional and aesthetic needs that this trendy neighborhood requires. With a very attractive and unique look, Jorge Martin distributes his work space around a vortex-shaped courtyard. Thanks to this, the structure responds to the requirements of an integral design and with no marked and dysfunctional tunnels. A work space, but also a space to breath in, right in the heart of Madrid. This has a back garden designed to offer a calm and quiet atmosphere to its members. The perfect place to escape from the city, as well as working in a harmonious atmosphere that enhances the creativity of its inhabitants.

The materials

The chosen materials in this project respond to the high exquisiteness required elements linking the warmth of natural wood, the roughness of concrete, the uniqueness of ceramic as well as the avant-garde design from the innovative KRION® Solid Surface compact mineral.

A breakthrough in the combination of materials that fit perfectly, creating a project where gray, brown and blue shades are the main attraction. Whereas on the roofs of the project we can see the Faces s1 porcelain tiles in black by L’Antic Colonial, on the floor the Par-ker Chelsea ceramic parquet in camel is installed. An ideal option for high traffic spaces because of the inalterability and strength of this rectified material.

With an imposing white colour, the work tables respond to current and original design requirements made with the malleability and versatility of the KRION® Solid Surface. A material that with its mineral properties, has made its inclusion possible in atmospheres and functionalities like the different vertical walls of the elevator box and the bathrooms.

As for the firm, Gamadecor, it has been counted on for the kitchen to recreate a space in white matt and dark elm, which are capable of showing the cleanliness, purity and well-being that this kind of room requires.

To sum up, a unique project that perfectly coordinates different natural materials, as well as the most daring of contrasts. Throughout the whole structure, white, the predominant colour in the spaces, alternates with metallic profile finishes in black.

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