November 21, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018

Architecture awards

The 10th Porcelanosa Awards Finalists: Tree Working, an ecosystem where work flows to the rhythm of nature

The student, Marina Diéguez Robles, through her Tree Working project, was one of the finalists at the 10th PORCELANOSA Group Architecture and Interior Design Awards. In the work space, she projects a clear open co-working atmosphere which enhances collaborative work, space optimisation and the use of natural daylight.

The project

It is in a 400 m2 industrial plant where the Tree Working project can be found. A project whose main axis is its structure which is inspired by tree branches. Pieces whose main objective is to connect work spaces and provide every department with some privacy without foregoing an open and relaxing atmosphere.

The work areas, meetings, the library, documentation room and the bathroom are located on the ground floor, whereas on the first floor, one can find the rest areas and the kitchen.

The materials

The tree branches which make up the co-working space are manufactured with the Solid Surface Krion®  mineral compact. Its malleability and customisability allow for the creation of unique irregular pieces, which, in addition to their decorative aesthetics, provide practicality through complementary functions such as a work table, a seat, the library or even a filing cabinet.

In order to represent a dynamic, calm, eclectic and relaxing work ecosystem, there is a strong commitment to furniture pieces where the colour, originality and avant-garde lines play a major role. These are some points which contrast with the brightness and serenity provided by the flooring and wall tiles, and of course, with the white from the work tables manufactured with Krion®.

It is on the first floor where those in charge of the project have banked on the distinctive Deco Bluestone flooring by Porcelanosa, and on the second floor the AC4 Natural Roble Life laminate by L’Antic Colonial has been the choice. The latter stands out because of its texture which excellently reproduces a natural wood surface. Finally, in the upper part one can find the versatile Nogal Pardo Cristal G925 kitchen furniture in white by Gamadecor. We are dealing with an open-design piece which is light in weight and provides the decorative ecosystem created in Tree Working with continuity. A space where, work and ideas both flourish and flow to the rhythm of nature.

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