July 24, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018

Architecture awards

The 10th Porcelanosa Awards Finalists: Futuristic style with KRION® in the student category

One of the project finalists stands out at the 10th PORCELANOSA Group Architecture and Interior Design Awards, in the Student Forward-Looking Projects category, because of being a modern and interdisciplinary workspace. A place where one can share synergies, as well as being a part of a unique and professional experience. Its importance lies in creating an atmosphere in which communication flows, as well as a flexible environment where there is room for both work and leisure.

The project

The "Bubble Island" project, inspired by the future, and put together by Laura Sedano Serrano from CICE Madrid, leads us to a philosophy of work without visual borders. Its configuration is aimed at making teamwork easier, through open and multidisciplinary work spaces. In the same way, there are some workspaces and meeting rooms where it is necessary to have peace and quiet, as well as some privacy.

Emulating volatile bubbles, the double height units of this work space display lightness and harmony thanks to its vertical structures that integrate seamlessly into the first-floor work spaces. These are designed to encourage communication, as well as enriching the employees’ personal and social relationships.

The materials

Among all the materials used by Laura Sedano in "Bubble Island", the KRION® Solid Surface compact mineral stands out. Its versatility was reflected in different architectural elements, giving minimalism and a unique personality to the space. This warm and natural material, similar to natural stone, is made up of two thirds natural minerals and a low percentage of heavy-duty resins, which make it ideal when designing creative and original pieces for interior design. The objective was, thanks to the malleability and uniqueness of the material, to give character to the structure, as well as providing a cutting-edge feel to the space. The chosen colour for the acrylic stone was its purest version, the KRION® 1100 Snow White, which is the main attraction in the work space thanks to its cleanliness and wide range of decorative possibilities.

Finally, to give the space a warmer atmosphere, the project architect decided to combine the white from KRION® with different shades of wood. In this way, a very authentic and handmade touch was created, bringing a special contrast alongside the futurism by KRION®.

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