June 27, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018

Architecture awards

The 10th PORCELANOSA Awards Finalists: avant-garde design and craftmanship in Professional Forward-Looking projects

The Volteo Architecture Studio, through its Work Space project, became one of the finalists at the 10th PORCELANOSA Group Architecture and Interior Design Awards, finishing up in third place in the competition. A bold ground-breaking design which combines avant-garde design and the passion for craftmanship with natural materials from the PORCELANOSA Group®.

The projectThe work space project by Volteo meets a toroidal design, in other words, a surface generated by a closed curve which spins around the same axis. This way, a bunker concept has been created, where the clear open spaces dominate without any edges or obstacles.

The design and the materials

This concept of architecture turns out to be a new context which banks on futuristic lines but still provides the essence and purity of the craft material. Volteo has made this possible thanks to the innovative materials from the PORCELANOSA Group.

The project excellently imitates the futurism which is indicative of its cutting-edge design and the craft effect provided by each of the materials chosen. The KRION® Blue Light mineral compact solid surface is worthy of a special mention, which was used for the whole covering of the floors and the ceilings.

Furthermore, in order to reinforce that futuristic effect in the flooring, the Volteo architecture studio, done by Butech, the building systems firm from the PORCELANOSA Group, has included decorative profiles, rails and aluminium joints in a matt finish for the floors.

With regard to the work area, the tables for the workers are located in the perimeter of the structure next to huge windows which provide the space with natural light. Each of them is provided with wall-hung screens supported by flexible arms which make keeping everything clean and tidy that much easier; hidden storage underneath the raised flooring; and a ceramic flooring on which there is an artificial grass strip, underneath the adjustable seats.

In conclusion, we are dealing with a project which focuses on the most transgressive innovative view on architecture and the quest for authenticity through products which convey craftmanship, therefore, creating a most unique and contemporary concept.

Project carried out by:  Volteo

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