October 15, 2014 | Updated: October 26, 2018


100% comfortable bathrooms with radiators and towel radiators by Noken

Achieving practical and functional bathroom atmospheres is not just about creating spaces with attractive aesthetics. At Noken we know this well, and that is why we offer a wide range of elements for fitting bathrooms of all kinds of styles, from the most classic to progressive designs.

In this sense, the PORCELANOSA Group firm brings a distinguishing element to the decoration of bathrooms, and an attention to detail that the brand puts into each and every one of its products, to create hard-wearing products with impeccable finishes. Having dry towels which are warm to the touch is one of the small gestures which can make using the bathroom or shower a true luxury. This is possible thanks to one of the bathroom elements which often goes unnoticed on many occasions: the towel radiator.

Faithful to its commitment to quality and respect for the environment, the towel warmers by Noken allow a more efficient emission of heat, helping to optimise time and energy resources. Furthermore, the firm offers a wide variety of sizes which adapt to spaces of all scales, from small radiators of only 500x730mm to large formats with which the whole room can be heated up.

From tubular radiators designed so that the user can hang their towels, to panels with totally smooth surfaces, Noken opens up a wide variety of possibilities which range from the merely functional to pieces designed with their own personality. Among the wide range of products from the PORCELANOSA Group firm, we highlight three of the most representative towel radiators.

Essence C

The Essence C radiator is presented in the form of elliptical tubes laid out vertically, which can incorporate hangers for towels attached between the tubes. It has various versions of water, electric and mixed models, and is available in chrome, white and black finishes.


Very similar to the previous model, the Nantes radiator takes the form of square tubes, also in large dimensions and with a vertical layout, between which hangars can be attached. Likewise, it has water, electric and mixed versions, and is available in chrome and white finishes.

Imagine N

More in keeping with classic style atmospheres is the Imagine N towel warmer. With a horizontal layout, allowing towels to be hung over the tubes, the series is offered in polished stainless steel, bronze and gold finishes, for buildings with central heating.

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