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What is technical – or full-body – porcelain?

Technical porcelain, also known as full-body technical porcelain, is a material used in the construction industry, thanks to its technical features, resistance and ability to withstand adverse conditions.

The main feature of technical porcelain, and what sets it apart from porcelain stoneware, is its composition: the whole body of the tile is composed of the same raw material, so the surface and body of the tile have the same aesthetic.

This uniform composition makes it more resistant and hard-wearing, so it’s an ideal material for high-traffic areas such as shopping centres, hospitals and hotels, where floors are more vulnerable to falling objects.

Technical porcelain, the perfect material for outdoor use

What’s more, technical porcelain is suitable for use on façades (ventilated and fixed), as well as garden or terrace paving, as it has a low level of water absorption and can withstand adverse weather conditions like rain, humidity and high temperatures.

Another benefit of this type of ceramic tile is that it’s compatible with various flooring systems such as floating or raised access flooring for terraces.

Solidker is a high-performance full-body technical porcelain manufactured by Porcelanosa under strict quality controls that exceed the requirements of international regulations.

Our full-body technical porcelain solutions

Porcelanosa manufactures two types of full-body porcelain: Solid and Stratos. What’s the difference between the two product lines? In both cases, all the layers of the tiles are composed of the same natural elements, giving them a unique look. Stratos, however, comes with an added extra: flecks. These, combined with small fragments, spread irregularly through the whole of the tile.

In terms of colours, technical porcelain has the advantage of coming in a range of tones, from beige or black to reds and greys.

Endless combinations and options you can use to fit any décor style.

Resistant floors with a unique aesthetic

Another benefit of full-body porcelain is that it can imitate any natural material. Porcelanosa manufactures tiles with the look of stone or cement, and even terrazzo, echoing that used in ancient Venetian palaces.

The company takes inspiration from nature and all the natural resources around us, transporting aesthetics from nature to ceramics. Every detail in the brightness, relief, grain or vein is worked on to make a material faithful to the look of the original, and achieve extremely resistant flooring.

And thanks to the latest technologies, we can produce non-slip ceramic tiles that look exactly the same as the standard tiles for indoor use. With a rougher feel and textured layer, our water-resistant flooring solutions come with all the guarantees you need, without losing their natural look.

The joints between the tiles play an aesthetic role. Depending on your space and dimensions, you could opt for wider or narrower joints. For example, it’s more common to use a wider joint in courtyards or outdoor paving. Meanwhile indoors, to achieve a resistant floor (in the bedroom or toilet), you might want to go for a narrower joint to avoid drawing attention to the floor area.

In terms of sizes, Solidker full-body technical porcelain comes in several formats, with the option for modular arrangements, which can be used to achieve uniform spaces. The formats range from 120 cm x 120 cm to 29.7 cm x 59.6 cm.

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