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Restaurant interior design: the importance of image

Restaurant interior design: the importance of image

In the hospitality and catering industry, customers’ demands and expectations are getting higher and higher. And it goes beyond the quality of the food. Diners are looking for multi-sensory experiences, and things like the service and attention they receive and the restaurant’s interior design and presentation all play a part.

Business success can be dictated by a carefully-honed image. So the design of modern restaurants and bars should be high up on your agenda when you embark on these projects.

Restaurant interior design trends:

  • Plenty of space, and a terrace: Customers really appreciate having somewhere to meet before or after lunch/dinner in a more relaxed setting. And a terrace is a great way to create it. To give an overall sense of continuity, it’s a good idea to have the same flooring outdoors – which you can achieve with full-body technical porcelain tiles.


  • Natural style: Rattan, wicker and jute are the three of interior design’s finest allies. The natural-look trend has made its way into all industries – including catering – with more and more premises going for the look; think wooden tables, rattan chairs and jute lighting combined with ceramic wood flooring. This option will add a timeless feel to any room, as well as giving it all the benefits of porcelain stoneware.
  • Digitisation: Technology also plays a key role in modern restaurant and bar design. Interactive menus, digital signage for services or digital screens with information about the restaurant are some of the most commonly-used elements.


  • Ceramic décor: Benches, bars with relief details or other decorative cladding are just some of the options technical porcelain gives you in interior design. It can inject personality into your restaurant, and comes with all the guarantees you get from a durable material.
  • Flooring: Professionals are increasingly turning to full-body technical porcelain for developments like this, thanks to its easy maintenance, resistance to falling objects like cutlery (a common occurrence in restaurants) and its capacity to endure high footfall. And because it comes in a huge range of finishes, you’ll find something to suit all types of restaurant interior design schemes.

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