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Office design: key considerations for workspaces

The design of an office can have a direct impact on employee productivity, which is why it’s important to stay on top of trends and employees’ needs. Studies show that people need to be in a suitable environment to perform to the best of their abilities.

Office interior design is a challenge. You need to create a scheme that’s functional, inspiring, and in line with the company’s values. So in today’s blog we’ll take a look at some essential elements you need to think about when embarking on this type of project:

1. Spacious hall: If space allows, it’s important to have a spacious entrance with a reception desk to receive customers, along with various waiting areas. And this might also be a place where employees engage in a bit of networking.

2. Open spaces: Whether your designing a small office space or a large business centre, open space is key. Fewer walls means more light, and it gives a boost to teamworking. Harmonious employee relations is essential to any business.

3. Natural light: It couldn’t be more important. Natural light improves people’s moods – and as a result, their productivity. Glass partitions between different departments and glass faƧades are becoming more and more widespread in modern office design.

4. Leisure and relaxation zones: If you’re dealing with a large office building, having communal areas where employees can spend time relaxing together, talking about personal issues or just disconnecting from their job for a moment is a must. It’s best to go for a modern style, with furnishings with curved lines and small splashes of colour to promote creativity.

5. Flooring: Finally, your choice of the flooring is important. You need to go for solutions which can withstand the passage of time, high pedestrian traffic and other potentially unfavourable conditions. Solidker full-body technical porcelain tiles by Porcelanosa offer all these strengths in one ceramic tile. Plus, a number of special tiles are available such as technical tread tiles and skirtings, which can be used to lend a sense of continuity to any space.

Office design: a challenge that can change the future of your company.


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