10 Jul 2018

Par-Ker Melbourne by Porcelanosa: Architectural inspiration based on Oak

The Arce and Grey colours reproduce the veins of natural wood.The durability and resistance offered by this ceramic parquet have given new properties to the projects.

Presented at the 25th International Architecture and Interior Design Exhibition 2018 by the PORCELANOSA Grupo, the Par-Ker Melbourne collection is inspired by oak wood in floor tiles and wall tiles.

High-tech ceramic wood

Par-Ker shows its more realistic side with the Melbourne collection. Both its Arce and Grey finishes are in the 19.3cmx180cm format and provide warmth to the architectural spaces.

In its Arce finish, the series presents elongated veins with tenuous intensity that blend with dark shades. Contrasts that adapt to the reality of spaces. Something different from that generated by the Grey finish, whose dense borders with diffuse and short margins provide the set with a robust aesthetic based on century-old oak. Unalterable firmness.

Melbourne represents Porcelanosa‘s high-end ceramic. All the projects in which this material has been used have acquired improvements in their structures and capacities. Among other factors, due to its resistance to fire and radiant heating.

This cutting-edge ceramic combines the homemade style, typical of the original houses in the Netherlands, with building futurism. Natural quality, relaxing beauty. Par-Ker lineage.

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