Quality, Energy and Environmental Policy.

Porcelanosa's fundamental goal is to satisfy its customers and meet their needs.

This document sets out PORCELANOSA management's guidelines to be followed in terms of quality, energy and environmental management, with a commitment to:

Dirección general establece, a través de este documento, las líneas a seguir en el ámbito de la calidad, energía y medio ambiente, comprometiéndose a:

  • Complying with all requirements relevant to the company, products it markets and services it provides, regardless of the type (legal and regulatory requirements for cases whether specific, implicit or explicit etc.) or origin (customers, governments, internal requirements and others)
  • Promoting actions necessary for PORCELANOSA's overall performance through ongoing improvements to:
    • product, process and service quality
    • environmental behaviour
    • energy performance.
  • Setting periodic objectives and targets for improvement, and reviewing the degree of compliance with the same.
  • Promoting ongoing improvement of the organisation's working conditions and environment, with the aim of reducing risk in the setting, minimising incidents and/or accidents, maximizing employees' safety and consumer trust in the brand, and harnessing any opportunities resulting from successfully meeting expectations and differentiating the brand from the competition across the organisation.
  • Providing the necessary resources and encouraging collaboration with the surrounding area and PORCELANOSA stakeholders (customers, suppliers, contractors, management, etc.) with the aim of contributing towards achieving objectives and targets set.
  • Promoting, through communications, training and awareness-raising, the involvement and participation of all staff in complying with the commitments to improvement as established by the organisation, and towards achieving the objectives and targets set.
  • Protecting the environment and natural surroundings by adopting measures for the containment, prevention and minimisation of any pollution deriving from the organisation's industrial activity, with a particular focus on reducing atmospheric emissions (direct and indirect); promoting strategies aimed at reducing, reusing and recycling and recovering any waste generated; and implementing initiatives to reduce water consumption.
  • Promoting actions and participating in initiatives that help meet the commitments set out in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Promoting the adoption of strategies and activities focused on a circular economy-based management model rather than traditional linear economy models.
  • Supporting and encouraging the acquisition of measures, technology and resources that improve the quality of products manufactured and the services provided and the organisation's environmental performance and energy efficiency, with a focus on reducing gas and electricity consumption throughout PORCELANOSA, encouraging and promoting the adoption of green energy technologies.
  • Encouraging and promoting actions that generate proactive attitudes at all levels of the organisation, aimed at redesigning and/or modifying products and/or processes that work towards the ongoing improvement of quality, environmental and energy management systems at PORCELANOSA.

The policy is presented and communicated internally to the company's staff via the induction process for new recruits and information panels in different areas and departments across the organisation, and is also made available to company employees along with other documents on the quality and environmental management department's intranet.

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