The power of a Trademark

PORCELANOSA Group is today a major reference in both the Spanish and the International market. Its consolidated position has been built up on values such as innovation and quality, but specially the trust placed in its large human capital, made up of almost 5000 skilled professionals, and its concern for its stakeholders and the environment.

The Group’s eight firms

Diversifying production has played a key role in the growth of a business group that started off manufacturing a single product: ceramic tiles. Today, the Group’s eight firms offer a vast selection of products ranging from kitchen and bathroom equipment to high-tech materials and state-of-the-art building solutions for contemporary architecture.


PORCELANOSA is the leading company in the ceramic wall and floor tile sector. Employing almost 1000 workers, it enjoys an excellent worldwide reputation thanks to its ongoing efforts and developments in research and quality. It specialises in the production of porous single-fired wall and floor tiles, stoneware tiles and porcelain tiles in a wide range of formats and finishes. Its products are characterised by their high tech features, innovative design and unbeatable quality.

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Ever since its creation, VENIS has been noted for its commitment to technological innovation and a leader in the launch of new products. Its manufacturing activity focuses on the production of ceramic wall and floor tiles in a wide range of formats, types and finishes. A pioneer in the international ceramic tile sector, it is renowned for the versatility of its designs and its use of state-of-the-art technology in the production of ceramic and porcelain tiles.

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GAMADECOR was set up in 1987 with the aim of producing kitchen and bathroom furniture offering maximum quality, technology and the very latest designs. Its facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology for the production of kitchen and bathroom furniture, wardrobes and dressing rooms guaranteeing maximum quality and contemporary designs.

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The progress and improvements that KRION® has incorporated since 2010 have consolidated the image of the brand. The transformation carried out by its R + D + I team has allowed Krion to be a product of the future and a company of a sustainable nature. Its two product lines: Krion Porcelanosa Baths and Krion Unlimited Surfaces have boosted the internationalization of the firm. The first of these is linked to the bathroom equipment and the second to the manufacture of large surfaces for professionals and for projects related to residential constructions and contract.

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L’ANTIC COLONIAL has consistently sought to satisfy the demand for top quality natural products. Stone and marble in tumbled, satin and polished finishes, traditional ceramics, glass mosaics, wood, wash basins, vanity tops and mosaics all are part of the product range of one of the sector’s most forward-thinking companies. Quality which is increasingly reflected in the technical and aesthetic features of this company’s products, both in private and public spaces.

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BUTECH, founded for the development of quality materials for installing PORCELANOSA Group’s ceramic wall and floor tiles, has evolved in recent years into an architectural consulting company specialising in facades. Currently, it offers from a wide range of construction solutions such as adhesives, grouting materials, profiles, shower trays, or waterproofing systems, to technical floors and facade systems; always with the same PORCELANOSA Group quality criteria.

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NOKEN entered the market with its innovative designs in bathroom furnishings, always committed to the care of each detail. A firm commitment to design, quality and superb standards of customer service have positioned Noken amongst the sector’s leading companies.Today its products are exported to more than 118 countries.

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URBATEK specialises in solutions for projects with exacting technical requirements through its range of through-body porcelain tiles, conspicuous for their excellent performance even in the most adverse of conditions. Likewise, the company specialises in the production of large-format slimline ceramic sheets (of up to 100 x 300 cm), through its XLIGHT wall covering collection.

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We are a large multinational thanks to you. Let’s design a future together...

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Explore PORCELANOSA Grupo through the screen and a virtual tour 360°

Knowing the importance of new technologies in such a competitive sector such as architecture and interior design, the firm PORCELANOSA Grupo uses them once again to offer a full tour of its main facilities. Thus, it is possible to see, with one click and 360 degrees, some of its most innovative and sophisticated showrooms.

Betrokkenheid bij het Milieu

De bezorgdheid over en de zorg voor de omgeving en milieubehoud is altijd een prioriteit geweest voor de PORCELANOSA Groep, vanaf de oprichting daarvan. Voor de duurzaamheid van onze levensstijl en het noodzakelijke evenwicht met het milieu zijn concrete daden en voelbare handelingen noodzakelijk. Vooruitlopend op deze dynamiek is PORCELANOSA Grupo al meer dan 30 jarig bezig met het verbeteren van zijn productieproces om de uitwerking daarvan op het milieu tot een minimum terug te brengen.

De verrichtingen van de PORCELANOSA Grupo op milieugebied gaan verder dan het optimaliseren van de productiesystemen, onze inspanningen richten zich ook op het ontwerp van producten die helpen het water- en energieverbruik in woningen te verminderen door spaarkranen of bouwsystemen te gebruiken die mogelijk maken het energieverbruik van gebouwen bij de verwarming daarvan te doen afnemen.

Als u meer informatie wenst over onze betrokkenheid bij het milieu kunt u het volgende elektronische document downloaden.

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