• Substrate preparation products & intermediate layers: Kit imperband standard · Kit imperband rehabilitación
  • Tiled showers: Plato de ducha Concept XPS rejilla central 1.000x1.000x40 mm · Plato de ducha Concept XPS rejilla lateral 1.200x900x30 mm

Substrate preparation products & intermediate layers

Waterproofing materials

When water is present, there is always a risk of leaks. This must be taken into account in the design and execution of bathrooms of all kinds. Damp, water leaks and drips can be avoided by laying a waterproof membrane under the tiled surface to prevent water from filtering through.

Waterproofing membranes, waterproof mortars, drains and decorative grills are an essential feature of all swimming pools, terraces and bathrooms in general.

Tiled showers

More and more bathroom design projects feature shower trays clad in tiles or mosaics instead of conventional fibreglass trays. Butech offers a wide selection of prefabricated trays ready for tiling over with tiles or mosaics, with a built-in slope for water to drain away and a waterproofing system. This kind of shower tray is specially recommended for bathroom refurbishment projects.

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is the most efficient form of heating. There is nothing more comforting than to get up in the morning and set foot on a radiant floor.

This heating system, specially designed for bathroom refurbishment projects, can be used with floor surfaces of all kinds.

Consult Butech for further information on tiled showers.


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