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Quartzite cladding

Quartzite is a metamorphic rock whose main feature is its wide variety of colours and textures and its high resistance to temperature changes

Characterized by some slight shade variation, quartzite can be used on indoor or outdoor walls and floors
The properties of quartzite are remarkable: durability, strength, noble appearance and low water absorption

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Quartzite stone

Quartzite is a metamorphic rock that stands out for its unique resistance to changes in temperature. Composed almost 90% of quartz, while quartzite has slight variation in color, it is usually: white, gray, black, pink, or reddish.

L’Antic Colonial quartzite stone

L’Antic Colonial's quartzite comes in a color spectrum that ranges from the pale gray of its Chennai White Flamed Bioprot model to the darker Sherpa Brown Home Bioprot or Lagos Black Home Bioprot models.

Thanks to its technical characteristics, quartzite is mainly used for outdoor flooring (although it can also be used indoors), as well as on indoor and outdoor walls. The two finishes each model can come in—Flamed and Home—boost the stone’s resistance to temperature changes.

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