A comprehensive service

PORCELANOSA controls the whole process, from its start to the completion of the works, to guarantee maximum quality and optimise timing.

A rich design

A design that is rich, warm and of quality. These are the three main features that PORCELANOSA and KRION® Solid Surface's porcelain stoneware offers to each project. Our use of the latest technology allows us to offer a wide range of formats and finishes (cement, stone, marble, etc.) designed by our product development department.

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One-on-one advice

Thanks to our experience in façade building we have an expert team that conducts a preliminary study of each project, optimising design, adjusting costs and assessing its feasibility.

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Examining the project
Working with detailed plans and quotations
Our technical department

The most complete solution for your façade

Our ventilated façade systems are designed to comply with the most demanding technical codes and specifications in each country, successfully passing the most exhaustive quality tests for both the structure and the cladding of the building envelope. In addition, Porcelanosa offers a comprehensive service for the development of façade projects; from the supply of materials to the on-site installation, to ensure maximum efficiency.

Customised innovation and production

PORCELANOSA's productive and innovative capacity makes it possible to control each production phase and offer customised solutions for each project. Special models tailored to an idea and formats adapted to unique plans and designs are a sample of the multinational ceramic company's multiple possibilities.

Experience and global presence

A leading provider in ceramic façades and Solid Surface

With over 500 000 m² of façades installed across the five continents, the name PORCELANOSA is synonymous with quality, efficiency and is a true guarantee of success. We are a leading provider of technical solutions in façade systems for ceramics and Solid Surface. Our continuous commitment in the development of new tools help today's architects carry out the projects of the future.

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By clicking on the following link, we will activate our department to organise a meeting with you, with no obligation. We want to understand our customers' projects and help turn them into reality.

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