PAR-KER®, the warmth of wood transferred to ceramics

PORCELANOSA's PAR-KER ® ceramic parquet recreates the texture of natural wood, but with the durability of ceramics, and can be installed as indoor or outdoor flooring and cladding

The digital advances and technology applied in the various PAR-KER® production processes have allowed for the accurate recreation of the grains and texture of wood. Great resilience and versatility have made it one of the most sought-after materials for housing and contract projects
PAR-KER® combines the durability of ceramic and the warmth of wood within a single structure. Among its qualities is its integrity when subjected to high and low temperatures, fire, humidity, or pedestrian traffic

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PAR-KER® ceramic parquet

PAR-KER® ceramic parquet can be included in any interior design project because of the richness of its colors and the durability exhibited by all its collections. Its durability in the face of adverse weather and its low maintenance and low porosity make it perfect for installation in wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, or outdoor environments such as swimming pools. Nanotechnology has provided anti-slip options for the pieces of this collection, which in turn help their colors and finishes withstand the passage of time and solar radiation. Its structure is capable of withstanding normal pedestrian traffic and it has flame retardant properties in accordance with the requirements established in the Technical Building Code.
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