• Fachada ventiladas XLIGHT: Marble House
  • Fachada ventiladas XLIGHT: Complejo Rural Nostra (Betxí, Spain)
  • Fachada ventiladas XLIGHT: Vicarage Road Stadium (Watford, United Kingdom)
  • Fachada ventiladas XLIGHT: Complejo Deportivo Nudos (Ciudad-Real, Spain)
  • Fachada ventiladas XLIGHT: Restaurant Pavillon Bertrange (Bertarange, Luxembourg)
  • Fachada ventiladas XLIGHT: Paseo Aldrey - Centro cultural y Comercial (Mar de Plata, Argentina)
  • Fachada ventiladas XLIGHT: Residential building (Madrid, Spain)
  • Fachada ventiladas XLIGHT: Residential building (Maidenhead, United Kingdom)


Their large format, outstanding technical and mechanical characteristics, and slimline thickness (leading to a lower weight) all make XLIGHT tiles perfect for use on big façades both in  conventional or ventilated façade systems.

XLIGHT tiles can be used on bonded façades or in a ventilated façade system, providing that the tiles have a fibreglass mesh backing to prevent them from coming loose if they break. In the first case, they are bonded with adhesive, while with ventilated façades, concealed or visible clips can be used. These three assembly systems have been developed by the company butech, which forms part of PORCELANOSA Grupo.

Ventilated façades have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the energy savings that they offer in comparison with conventional façades. The system involves the creation of an air cavity between the outer façade clad inXLIGHT tiles and the original façade of the building. In summer, when the tiles are warmed by the sun’s rays, this causes the air in the cavity to rise by convection, with fresh air moving in to replace it. In winter, because the air is not warm enough, the effect is just the opposite and the ventilated façade builds up heat thanks to the superior thermal insulation provided by the ceramic tiles.

A clip-based installation system implies savings on materials, thanks to the large format of the tiles, fewer tile joints and a reduction in the number of fastenings elements. Additionally, less waste is generated during assembly.

This assembly system and the range’s wide variety of series and colours make XLIGHT a highly versatile choice that can be used in endless different architectural projects, whatever their characteristics. XLIGHT brings versatility and resistance to the worlds of architecture and design.


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