Madeira natural

Natural wood cladding

The L'Antic Colonial company is committed to colonial-style cladding using woods such as oak, walnut, and ebony

Due to its warmth and simplicity, L'Antic Colonial woods give a more rustic and natural air to living room, bedroom, and kitchen walls
The textures and colors of these pieces reframe the traditional concept of cladding, as the overlap of these pieces creates authentic wood murals

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Natural wood cladding

The grandeur, durability, and sustainability of L'Antic Colonial wood lends a stately air to the walls in which it is incorporated. L'Antic Colonial natural wood cladding has all the necessary certifications and environmentally sustainable. The natural wood mosaics of the Wood Wall collection can be combined with the smooth pieces of oak, beech, and North American cherry wood. These oak panels have a matte oil finish and measure 60 cm x 24 cm x 0.5 cm. Its four models: the Pure (light wood), Anthracite (dark gray), Chrome (light gray wood), and Bronze (dark wood) models provide a lighter atmosphere through forms that can be harmoniously integrated in all spaces.
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