• KRION™ Wash basin Modul
  • Wash basin Forma
  • KRION™ Wash basin Almond Blanco
  • Wash basin Vitae
  • KRION™ Wash basin Lavamanos Modul Tórtola
  • KRION™ Wash basin Ras | Bathroom furniture Ras Tórtola
  • KRION™ Wash basin Forma
  • KRION™ Wash basin Modul Negro
  • Wash basin Forma Oval
  • Wash basin Karon Oval Countertop Persian White-Intense
  • KRION™ Wash basin Aro
  • Wash basin nk Concept
  • Wash basin Hotels
  • Wash basin Spirit A-cero Dark Bioprot 145 x 42 x 12 cm
  • Wash basin Forma
  • KRION™ Wash basin Modul on top
  • Wash basin Lounge
  • KRION™ Wash basin Modul Tórtola
  • KRION™ Wash basin Ras
  • Wash basin Mood White
  • Wash basin Vitae
  • Wash basin Tono
  • Wash basin Forma Rondo
  • Wash basin Forma Retto
  • KRION™ Wash basin Ras | Bathroom furniture Ras Negro | Bathroom accessories Ras Negro · Estantería
  • Wash basin Lounge
  • Wash basin Lounge
  • Wash basin Vintage Crema Italia 65 x 42 x 12,5 cm
  • Wash basin Essence C
  • KRION™ Wash basin Aro
  • KRION™ Wash basin Almond Negro
  • KRION™ Wash basin Modul Blanco
  • Wash basin Tono Ø40
  • Wash basin Arquitect
  • Wash basin Basic Stand Persian White Classico
  • KRION™ Wash basin Encimera Kole
  • Wash basin Pure Line
  • KRION™ Wash basin Ras
  • KRION™ Wash basin Ras
  • KRION™ Wash basin Modul Mint
  • Wash basin Hotels

Wash basins

Wash basins tend to be one of the main features of any bathroom. Whether combined with furniture or a stand-alone element, its functionality is vital to our daily beauty and hygiene rituals.

Wide range of wash basins

PORCELANOSA Grupo manufactures an extensive range of wash basins in a wide variety of designs from extremely diverse materials.

Wall-mounted, countertop or fitted wash basins can be adapted to any space due to the broad range of sizes and finishes available.

Sober and functional designs, reinterpretations of vintage classics or cutting-edge straight lines with sharp angles are just some of the concepts found in the wash basins and countertops collections by Noken, Gamadecor, L’Antic Colonial and Systempool, produced in materials as varied as KRION™, sanitary ceramic, resins or the many different varieties of natural stone.


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