• Wardrobes Foc Roble Cacao / Blanco Superior Textil
  • Wardrobes Natura Blanco Mate / Lino Cancún Textil / Roble Oxigenado
  • Wardrobes Terra Blanco Brillo
  • Wardrobes Natura Roble Blanco Cal / Lino Habana Textil / Roble Nature
  • Wardrobes Terra Yeso Brillo
  • Wardrobes Foc Roble Cacao / Blanco Superior Textil
  • Wardrobes Terra Nogal Tenue / Lino Cancún Textil
  • Wardrobes Foc Roble Hueso / Lino Habana Textil
  • Wardrobes Natura Roble Marengo / Lino Cancún Textil
  • Wardrobes Foc Blanco Artico / Lino Habana Textil


The available space in each home is a highly valued asset and it is distributed in countless different ways; full advantage must be taken of space to obtain optimum results.

Custom wardrobes and dressing rooms

PORCELANOSA is highly aware of this fact, and designs customised wardrobes and dressing rooms that can be fully integrated into every type of space distribution and setting. It offers a multitude of styles with different finishes, such as natural or stained wood, matt or polished lacquers and laminates, plus the possibility of combining these options.

Ordering your belongings makes them more practical and an appropriate lay-out makes them more effective; everything has its function and place.

For this reason, PORCELANOSA produces wardrobes and dressing rooms with endless types of drawers and accessories for the perfect lay-out and storage of your belongings.


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