GET THE LOOK: Mediterranean-inspired outdoors with the Ascot ceramic parquet by PAR-KER

Sunny days are on the way, and to enjoy springtime meals in an outdoor atmosphere, we bank on an atmosphere dominated by materials and fabrics such as wood, raffia and shades with a Mediterranean essence. The terrace blends in perfectly with its location through textiles and accessories in greenish...


GET THE LOOK: we combine interiors and exteriors with the PAR-KER Manhattan ceramic parquet

Porcelanosa recalls Nordic atmospheres from northern Europe through an atmosphere of infinite lines which achieves in creating visual continuity and uniformity between the inside and outside of the house by making use of the PAR-KER ceramic parquet: Manhattan. Infinite spaces with a glass panel...


GET THE LOOK: we combine cement with Chelsea by PAR-KER to create a bathroom with a minimalist style

There is no doubt that cement became one of the most outstanding interior design trends last year. Its simplicity, versatility and uniqueness are ideal when creating spaces with industrial character and minimalist essence. In this atmosphere, we combine the cement-like look of Microstuck with...


GET THE LOOK: We combine natural stone and wood in the bathroom with the Delaware ceramic parquet by PAR-KER

Bathrooms have evolved over the years and not only in aesthetic terms, but functionally as well. Whereas in the past a cold aesthetics was banked on, and their use was just related to personal hygiene, nowadays they go beyond that concept, in other words, they have become real shrines of wellness....


GET THE LOOK: Create your place to relax in with the Forest ceramic parquet by PAR-KER

Everyday life’s fast pace makes it even more essential to have a place to relax in at home. A space capable of intensifying every sensation, whether it is a song, a book or even the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. To create this atmosphere, it is crucial to include materials that give off...