• Mosaic Stark White (1,4x4,7) 29,7x30 cm
  • Mosaic Mosaico Deep Brown
  • Mosaic AVENUE Srtrip Grey Mix 29,7x29,7 cm
  • Mosaic Hexcube Blue 30x29,5 cm
  • Mosaic Victorian Trenzado Marmara Gris 30x30x1cm
  • Mosaic Harmony Arrow Coltan 29,5x29,5x0,8 cm
  • Mosaic Eternity Grey 2 (1,5x1,5) 29,7x29,7 cm
  • Mosaic Elite Lava Stone Mix Gold Silver 30x30,5x1-1,2 cm
  • Mosaic Armour Caramel (2,7) 30x30x0,8 cm
  • Mosaic World Amsterdam Brick Beige 30x29,5x1cm
  • Mosaic Wood Square Aged 10,8x29,7x0,8-3,8 cm
  • Mosaic Wood Cubes 32x32x1,9cm
  • Mosaic Treasures Bronze Emperador (1,2x2) 29,8x30,6 cm
  • Mosaic Edition Rectangular Grey 30x30x1,5 cm
  • Mosaic Mosaico Outlines Brick Burma
  • Mosaic AVENUE Srtrip Black Nature -Texture 29,7x29,7 cm
  • Mosaic Outlines Mini Strip Nepal 29,9x22,7 cm
  • Mosaic Wood Square Aged 29,7x29,7x2,1cm
  • Mosaic Mosaico Town Black
  • Mosaic AVENUE Quatro White Lappato 29,7x29,7 cm
  • Mosaic Evoke Silver29,5x25,5x0,8 cm
  • Mosaic Fusion Hexagon Steel Mix 29,8x29,8x0,7 cm
  • Mosaic Tribal Pearl White (1x2) 28,6x28,3 cm
  • Mosaic Mosaico MAX Black Nature 29,7x29,7 cm
  • Mosaic Mosaico MAX Black Nature 29,7x29,7 cm | Technical porcelain floor tiles Max Black Nature 59,6x59,6 cm
  • Mosaic Evoke Form Silver 6x24x0,8 cm
  • Mosaic Mosaico Town Black
  • Mosaic Urban Retro Niquel 25,8x28,4x0,8 cm
  • Mosaic Mosaico Taxis
  • Mosaic Moon Silver Wood 19x29 cm
  • Mosaic World Random Nepal
  • Mosaic Wood-Feel (6x6) 30x30x1 cm


Mosaics are compositions formed from small pieces, or tesserae, and add energy and richness to a space by combining different materials or breaking the monotony of one sole wall covering, also being used as decorative borders or to frame different zones such as the shower or basin.

However, they can also be the main feature of a space, filling it with reflections and a colourful intensity.

PORCELANOSA Group, through L’Antic Colonial, has an extensive range of mesh-mounted mosaics. Stone Mosaics is a natural stone mosaic collection.

Glass Mosaics is a series of mosaics produced by L’Antic Colonial in glass using recycled materials, translucent glass and even real gold.

In turn, the Air collection includes models by L’Antic Colonial in ceramic, while Mix Mosaics are collections that combine natural stone, glass and ceramic tesserae.

Steel, copper and nickel are the raw materials in the Metal Mosaics collection and these mosaics are made from a metal laminate attached to a ceramic base, while Wood Mosaics are mosaics made from camarú wood in different formats and thicknesses.

In addition to mesh-mounted mosaics, PORCELANOSA Group also has a wide variety of collections that, although made from large ceramic tiles, still look like mosaics formed by small fragments laid out on the base by hand.


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