• PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Font de Mora Chemist’s
  • PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Font de Mora Chemist’s
  • PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Font de Mora Chemist’s
  • PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Font de Mora Chemist’s

PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Font de Mora Chemist’s

10 04 2015 · PORCELANOSA Grupo

The passion for architectural innovation is reaching all aspects of our lives by progressively integrating itself into everyday life in the streets and in cities worldwide. Therefore, it gives a new look to housing, stores and public buildings. In the vicinity of the PORCELANOSA Group headquarters in Vila-real (Castellón), one can find María José Font de Mora Gozalbo chemist’s, a very good example with regard to the aesthetic and technical renovation proposed by the new architectural trends.

With the aim of giving a renovated look to existing facilities, the new owners of the premises decided to go for some of the most innovative materials and systems of the Group’s firms, in other words, a Krion®ventilated façade covered with this versatile solid surface.

Therefore, José Luis Rokiski (Rokiski Arquitectos, Castellón), the architect in charge of the project, opted for the ventilated façade  system by Butech in order to achieve not only a resistant finish but also a sustainable one, all of that possible thanks to the energy efficiency of the building that these kind of façades provides.

In order to get a cutting-edge appearance for the premises, the architect went for a technical high-performance covering such as Krion® Lux 1100, which remains unaffected by sudden weather changes thanks to its lack of pores. The attractive set of volumes of the solid surface layers has been achieved by means of the overlapping of illuminated pieces on the back, and as a result of that, it provides the structure with a new dimension.

The Butech technicians managed to install 200 square metre of Krion® in order to finish off the covering of the chemist’s. The installation of the pieces has been carried out by re-marking the intersections between the solid surface layers with the aim of achieving a fresher design. Furthermore, and so that the aesthetic purity of the covering is not broken, the decision of engraving some of the signs on the pieces of Krion® themselves has been made, thus reducing the thickness of the material in the letters.


  • El resultado es absolutamente genial. Vanguardista y a la altura de esos proyectos que cambian la fisonomía de una ciudad.
    De ahí que sea más de agradecer a todos los participantes del excelente final.

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