• Porcelain floor tiles, always as immaculate as the first day
  • Porcelain floor tiles, always as immaculate as the first day
  • Porcelain floor tiles, always as immaculate as the first day
  • Porcelain floor tiles, always as immaculate as the first day
  • Porcelain floor tiles, always as immaculate as the first day

Porcelain floor tiles, always as immaculate as the first day

Thursday September 24th, 2015 · PORCELANOSA Grupo

Created to meet the highest demands of professionals in architecture and interior design, the porcelain tiles by Urbatek is homogeneous, uniform, ultra-resistant and easy to maintain. In addition to high-end interior projects, the range of porcelain tiles by the PORCELANOSA Grupo firm is intended for projects where there is a high transit and for those who are subjected to cope with sudden changes in temperature or the inclement weather, this is the case of outdoor wall tiles.

Its versatility knows no limits, nor does its technical performance and quality, making it always as spotless as from the first day, even after being subjected to extreme circumstances. So much so that even in their most delicate finishes such as the polished ones, the porcelain tile by Urbatek remains in perfect condition with the brightness that it is characterises by, day after day.

Undoubtedly, one of the technical qualities that makes professionals opt for the porcelain tile for their architectural and interior design is its low absorption and easy cleaning. The most annoying spots can disappear quickly if the advice of proper maintenance and cleaning is followed, depending on the type of stain and the time that it has been on the porcelain surface.

Firstly, porcelain tiles must be cleaned by using only mild soap or surfactant soap and clean water. In cases of minor oil or grease stains, the cleaning material to be applied should be a solution of ammonia, while with the most resistant stains, more special products must be used such as commercial degreaser or alkaline detergents.

Regarding more specific spots, chromium oxide, iodine, cooking oil, soft drinks or coffee, the protocol varies depending on the exposure time of the stain. If the stain is recent, just applying clean water is enough in order to get infallible cleaning. However, if the stain has been there for 24 hours or so, applying water and an alkaline cleaner are the recommendations.

With all these basic cleaning tips, plus the typical performance and the high quality of porcelain tiles by Porcelanosa, floor tiles will always be clean and bright in any project.


    • Buenos días, Celestino. Me comentan mis compañeros de Servicio Técnico que ya pudieron ponerse en contacto contigo. Esperamos que hayas podido solucionar el problema. Muchas gracias por tu interés.

  • Hola compré dos baños completos de porcelanosa y he observado que las tapas de los wc se están poniendo de un tono amarillento.Cómo limpiarlo y que vuelva al blanco inicial???
    Muchas gracias

    • Ciao Mary,

      Questo tipo di problemi sono generalmente generati dalla mancanza di un’adeguata pulizia finale. Generalmente dopo la stuccatura del pavimento, di solito viene generato un film cementizio, che si forma se l’eccesso della malta non viene rimosso correttamente. Questo film cementizio assorbe tutti i liquidi che possono cadere, ostacolando l’eliminazione delle macchie. Per eliminare questo film e lasciare la ceramica nel suo stato originale, si consiglia di pulirlo con un prodotto disincrostante come Acid Net o Deterdek. Una volta rimosso questo film, sarà sufficiente una normale pulizia con un panno in microfibra inumidito.

  • Buenos días.

    Recientemente compré varios materiales de su empresa para mi nuevo baño y me gustaría saber cómo puedo limpiarlos.

    1. Gress Parquet Chelsea Camel para el suelo
    2. X-Lite Basic Dark Nature por pared de la ducha

    ¿Tienes productos específicos que recomiendas?

    ¿Tengo que hacer tratamientos específicos después de instalarlo?

    Espero su respuesta cordial.
    Muchas gracias,
    Elisa Bottallo

  • Buenas tardes, que producto podría utilizar para poder limpiar el suelo y los azulejos después de la obra. cada vez que se friegan siguen blanquecinos.
    el pavimento es:

    Y para el suelo antideslizante de la ducha que es TANZANIA ALMOND ANTT? se utilizaria el mismo impiador? o hay que tener algo en cuenta?
    Muchas gracias de antemano

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